Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke

I’ve been meaning to talk about this LEGO Ideas project since last month, but for one reason or another I never got around to it – thankfully it doesn’t look like it needs my help, but I will give it anyway.

These three models are part of SpacySmoke’s Classic Arcade Machines project, and they really are after my heart. I remember back in the day, around the time before my “dark age”, when I made biannual or even annual trips to a theme park or the seaside: the only time I ever got to go to an arcade. I grew up in the 8-bit era, and seeing how much more advanced arcade games were than home consoles – even back then – was always mind-blowing.

On top of that, this project also pays homage to Sega: the undisputed king of the arcades. Unlike most people I was and still am a Sega person fan (though even I dislike the direction Sonic has taken). Sega had/has most of its popularity in Europe and South America, while the rest of the world was very much in Nintendo’s corner.

Whichever side you’re on, this would be an excellent project to make it to production, although I’d suspect LEGO would opt to use DSSs instead of printed parts – I wouldn’t mind at all.

At the moment, leading into this month’s Underrated CUUSOO, the project has 3422 supporters (including me), and there’s plenty of time left to join us. Don’t let those Nintendo fanboys and fangirls stop you!