Underrated CUUSOO: April 2015

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas. I’m your host, the anti-hero SilentMode. (It’s actually very fitting, and I like it.)

My head has been under a proverbial rock for the last month, but I’ve especially come out of hiding to give you some LEGO Ideas projects to watch out for and support. The pickings were incredibly slim this time around, but I’ve got six offerings for you this month.

Tropical Home by ritztoys

There just doesn’t seem to be enough official house sets, and the ones that exist still feel small. It’s also been a while since I’ve designed my own home-related MOC.

This offering by ritztoys takes things in a different direction, with a house reminiscent of something you’d find near the beach. It reminds me of the movie Summer Rental, and it would make a great vacation home for your minifigures.

Yes there are a number of parts used in the project – perhaps too many – but we know full well that part counts don’t stop people from supporting projects anyway. Right now 108 such people want to see this project made regardless.

Lego Mantis by DanielWeissberg

If you’re a fan of the successful LEGO Birds Project that came out at the start of this year, you should be equally impressed by this model – even though it only exists as a LDD screenshot. It might be because it’s an impossible model, or that most of the parts don’t exist in the featured colours.

Assuming the model can actually be built, it would definitely make a great display piece. It would also be a good source of Green and Lime parts if it can’t!

At the moment there’s not a lot of faith in the Mantis being a production model, but there are 164 supporters.

The Lincoln Memorial Statue by Bilbo1915

While this looks a lot like a potential Architecture set (which I no longer choose to feature in Underrated CUUSOO), it makes the cut this month because I think it deserves a chance. As well as the use of the statue-like minifigure and trophy figures, there’s also the potential to reuse Lincoln’s hairpiece from The LEGO Movie, although it could be considered a licensed part.

Assuming LEGO doesn’t steal the idea, it’s slowly on its way to review stardom with 88 supporters.

Autogyro by bigboy99899

LEGO have obviously made a number of flying machines, but this is the first autogyro I’ve seen – and it’s minifigure scale, too!

This reminds me of one of the Time Cruisers sets from back in the day, where the back wheels made the propellers spin, and that was one of the sets I liked playing with the most. It looks like the same functionality is built into this model, which would immediately sell it for me.

I can see this eventually becoming an official City set, but LEGO have let the opportunity slide so many times that it should be a LEGO Ideas product. This one’s doing very well with 206 supporters, but it’s not nearly enough!

The Simpsons House – Micro Scale Modular Building by nunki-psi

Here’s your IP juice. While the “figures” on the left were clearly ripped from a famous promotion, this microscale house is yet another missed opportunity – so it deserves to go on the list.

This microscale house would be great for fans of The Simpsons who can’t justify buying the GBP 200-odd set, although it looks like it would use a lot of “premium” parts and colour combinations.

Surprisingly there are only 144 supporters at the moment. Do you think this is a good idea?

Delorean and GMC Value Van – Microscale by kdangerw

Yet another Back To The Future project graces LEGO Ideas, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s not from Team BTTF!

This one makes the list this month because it’s taken the concept to a different level. Both vehicles are potentially swooshable and solid builds, but the miniaturised DeLorean also fits inside the van. If that wasn’t enough, two new nanofigures – figures from the retired LEGO Games theme – are also being proposed.

I think this project stands a chance, now that the other Back To The Future set has been discontinued. As things stand there are 112 supporters behind this new incarnation.


And that’s it for this month: join me next month, when I should have a few more LEGO Ideas projects to promote. To make the list each project must have 500 supporters or less, and original projects take precedence over those based on existing IPs.