Extensions on LEGO Ideas Projects Announced

Good news for anyone brave enough to take on the LEGO Ideas challenge: a recent official blog post on their site revealed new plans to give popular enough projects a time extension. In short, this means these projects stand a better chance of reaching the elusive 10,000 supporters required for a review.

Lifted directly from the post (because apparently my English is terrible):

  • Projects that reach 1,000 supporters within one year will receive an additional 6 months (182 days).
  • Projects that reach 5,000 supporters before they expire will receive a second extension of 6 months (182 days).

Personally I think this is a good idea in principle…

Consider that “slow burner” projects such as the Exo Suit (apparently) and a few others wouldn’t have made the cut under the current time limit; more time for those projects, as they’re shown to demonstrate popularity, would give them a better chance of going under review. Projects such as The Little Prince, which now has just ten days before its deadline, would be given a new lease of life.

It would also lower the initial pressure to gain enough supporters: instead of the lofty 10,000 we’d only have to worry about reaching the 1,000 benchmark to gain another six months. Given that people support popular projects, and that popular projects gain more supporters, it sounds like a win for everybody.

Those flash-in-the-pan projects that “everybody” loves, which gain 10,000 supporters almost overnight, wouldn’t be affected by this change anyway.

The only challenge I see is that, with a project now taking up to two years to reach the review phase, it could be a very agonising process for less popular AFOLs and TFOLs.
There’s also the risk of ideas becoming stale, and even pinched by the powers that be, before a verdict is even passed. Heck, there may not even be a LEGO Ideas two years from now. (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!)

Given my findings for my monthly Underrated CUUSOO feature (which you should definitely go and check out), I’d go one further and agree with another idea: that any project with under 100 supporters after a month should be removed. It would have meant that all three of the projects I had on CUUSOO would have been eliminated, but I also think that giving people false hope is sadistic.

What do you think about this introduction to LEGO Ideas? Let me know your thoughts.