Labyrinth Marble Maze: the Next LEGO Ideas Set

Once again I’ve been way too busy working on other things to pay attention to the world of LEGO, so I’ve missed recent announcements such as the preview of the Big Bang Theory minifigures (if you’re interested). But ol’ boy SilentMode decided to come out from under his rock, as he spotted this LEGO Ideas announcement on his Twitter feed (much thanks to @brickssocial).

A huge congratulations is due to JK Brickworks: as the title suggests, his long-standing Labyrinth Marble Maze project will become the 13th official LEGO Ideas set, and – if I remember correctly – the fourth elite member of the non-IP club (along with the Exo Suit, Research Institute and LEGO Birds Project). I will probably get one of these when it comes out, though my reviewing days have long gone.

I actually thought they would go with the Piano, but the marble maze is something very different and unique, which will hopefully encourage LEGO to take on other interactive Ideas projects in the future. I couldn’t see any of the other projects making the cut.

Still in contention is the F7A Hornet project by nosmigon, which I hadn’t actually seen before now, but it will have stiff competition as it joins 13 other projects in the next review.

I would really like to see a rendition of the International Space Station by XCLD, having coveted the model that was built in space some years ago. However, my money’s on Small YELLOW as LEGO Ideas set #14 – or perhaps #15, as Altariel strikes again with Science Adventures.

What do you folks think?