Underrated CUUSOO: June 2015

Welcome to the birthday month edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv. It’s the birthday month edition because SilentMode’s birthday is this month.

As usual the pickings have been incredibly slim this time around, with many more IP-based and copycat projects making their way to the Discovery tab, following the recent success of the Labyrinth Marble Maze and others. However, we do have something for you this month – make sure you show them some support.

If you want your LEGO Ideas project mentioned on Underrated CUUSOO, hit me up with the details. Remember that eligible projects must have 500 supporters or less, and must not be based on the Architecture theme (because a couple of those ideas have been pilfered).

Vinyl Record Store by Jack Campise

If this project looks familiar, it’s because it’s been used to promote the international Record Store Day, particularly on Twitter. You see: way before your time, when music was actually music and artists were actually artists, record stores were where people bought music from…

I have no idea how this would be replicated if it ever became an official LEGO set, as it has a lot of detail and a heck of a lot of tiles!

Despite the MOC winning an official competition for Record Store Day (see the project’s description), only 184 supporters are behind this project. Mind you, how many of the people who didn’t support the project have ever set foot in a music store? We’ll let them answer.

Hardware Store (Rural) by lightning51

The Town/City theme has gotten no love whatsoever through LEGO Ideas to date, but this is one of the many hopeful projects looking to break the rut.

As the name suggests, this hardware store would work very well outside of a big city layout, in the grassy outskirts. Have you ever noticed you have to make a considerable journey to get to a DIY store, but there’s a hairdresser or salon right around the corner?

Anyway, lightning51 has a number of other buildings on LEGO Ideas, and this one has 58 supporters behind it.

Garden on Main Street by jplek

This project takes something along the lines of the Springtime Scene, and expands it into a modular style scene for your town layouts – or even as a set on its own. In fact, it comes with its own storyline, tying in with the requirement of gaining 10,000 supporters.

Only 143 supporters are interested in alleviating Chef Albert’s concerns at the moment – are you?

The LEGO Hotel – Modular Building by phunky

Given that a small handful of modular building projects have reached the review stage, people clearly aren’t averse to voting for them. Just remember that everything is highly subjective when it comes to LEGO Ideas.

This offering by phunky is an original design, although I somehow confused it with the LEGOLAND Windsor hotel on first sight. Although some will complain that the design is too modern to go with the other modular buildings (I’m not one of them), above all else this design offers something different to look at.

Right now the project has 276 supporters, and hopefully it will gain a few more.


That’s all we have for this month’s Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, so make sure you check each of these projects out and show your support. We’ll be doing this again next month.