Underrated CUUSOO: July 2015

Right in the middle of the month, because of the issues surrounding Swapfig’s relaunch, we bring you the July edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, exclusively on the worst LEGO-related fan site on the web, and hosted by the worst AFOL in the online LEGO community. By worst, I of course mean misunderstood.

Though “crabs in a bucket” is the term of the day in SilentMode’s corner of the world, I haven’t let it stop me taking another look at the LEGO Ideas offerings via their Discovery tab. My thoughts can be summed up by the fact that I only have two selections this month.

So without further ado…

Architect For A Day by Madhok

The infamous Research Institute has clearly inspired a lot of copycat projects on LEGO Ideas, certainly since it was released as a set. We’ve had the medical profession, archaeology and a host of other careers represented by 6×6 vignettes. One I haven’t yet seen anyone do is fashion, if you want any pointers.

This one takes my fancy, being a fan of the movie The Fountainhead: not only did I fancy myself as an architect, particularly in my mid-years, but I also related heavily to the main character. Movies aside, I think the architecture theme as it’s been presented would definitely work.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the guy sitting at the desk looks like Mark Stafford from behind?

Anyway, this project is doing okay with 116 supporters at the moment. Go and show your support for it!

Imagination Book by Vindic8ed

Here’s an interesting display piece. Though the castle looks way too much like Disneyland to my untrained eyes, I can’t help but admire the design. Apart from the red spires, there’s hardly a stud in sight.

The opening in the book base would lend itself reasonably well to housing another model: perhaps a floating island, a Jack and the Beanstalk scenario, or something else entirely.

The only concerning thing would be the number of tiles and unusual parts present in the model, evident by the fact this is a render. Like I’ve said before, though: feasibility clearly hasn’t stopped other projects reaching thousands of supporters.

We have 228 supporters for this project at present. Goodness knows a lot of people could use some imagination – another thing I’ve said before!


That’s all we have time for this month for Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas. Join us next month for what will probably be a very similar rambling!