Underrated CUUSOO: August 2015

Welcome to another episode of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, brought to you by the world’s least talked about fan site, SilentMode.tv.

This month is looking a lot better than usual for nominations, and rumour has it that I might be looking to promote my own project – perhaps in collaboration with someone else – in the near future. In the meantime, the Big Bang Theory project is now in LEGO stores, with the Wall-E project starting to make some noise as well.

Here we go…

Rockpool Explorers by Johnathan1986

Rockpool Explorers is part of the ever-growing vignette category on LEGO Ideas, with the craze no doubt started by the infamous Research Institute. Unlike most of the other projects, this one makes a lot more use of three dimensions, incorporating the “depth” of the rock pool as well as the towering rocks at the back. It’s also a comparatively small project as well, only using 136 parts.

If we’re going to rinse a concept until there’s nothing left, at least make an effort to come up with something original, I say. Thankfully this is such a project, and right now it has 43 supporters.

Baby Husky by Supercustoms3466

This is another one of those cutesy brick-built creations, similar to the Sleeping Santa Claus featured in a previous Underrated CUUSOO. What’s interesting about this one, as well as its overall look, is that it has articulation in its hind legs as well as its neck.

This would make a great present for dog lovers, and as a model it opens itself to colour variations and modifications to your content. With 187 supporters at the moment, let’s hope this project doesn’t meet a grizzly end.

Tinkerer’s Tree House by BuildFiend

This is one of those rather ambitious projects, making use of just over 1,000 parts, but even though it’s strictly in rendered form at present, it incorporates a lot of play features. It might be better if you took a look at the project page, as it contains a number of other photos and a description of the features.

Even if it won’t include the hundreds of new coloured parts it proposes, this is one of those models you’d be hesitant to disassemble. At present it has 159 supporters, so it’s not doing too badly after less than a week.

LOVE Sculpture by WWWally

With no relation to W-W-WhiteMode, it was only a matter of time before this iconic sculpture was recreated in LEGO, albeit with a “heart” shape instead of the “O”. It would actually be great if this was offered as a V-Day gift, as opposed to LEGO’s traditional offering of a Creator vignette or novelty model.

You can see this model at this year’s BrickFair VA, if you’re in the area – but regardless this project has 118 supporters behind it.

New London Bus by pix027

You might remember the Grand Opening set for the London Westfield store, which was a small version of the iconic Routemaster bus. A while back there was a “competition” to redesign the bus, and this project represents the winning design, which can be found in the most central of central London.

As LEGO has been producing licensed Technic and even System vehicles in the last few years, this would be a great and surprising addition, regardless of the size decided on should it reach the goal.

It stands a good chance of making it, with 128 supporters at the time of writing, and I think it has a good shot of being chosen should it reach the 10,000 required votes.


That’s it for this month, make sure you pay another visit next month, when we do this all again.

To be featured in Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, the usual rules apply:

  • projects must have 500 supporters or less;
  • original projects are given preference over those based on IPs;
  • no Architecture-style projects.