SilentMode’s Verdict on Series 14 Collectible Minifigures

I haven’t written a regular post in a while, so I thought I’d chime in on the revelation about the Series 14 (or S14) Collectible Minifigures. It looks like people want to know what I think about them, anyway.

This is the first official CMF theme where all the minifigures follow a specific genre, and I think that’s going to be the case with many of the future official series, particularly if this one sells well, which I think it will. In keeping with its official launch, LEGO has decided to go with a monster theme (or a trick-or-treat theme, if you like).


I’ll be absolutely honest and mention that I haven’t seen, nor do I have any interest in seeing, the obligatory reviews over on Eurobricks. I’d rather have the minifigures in my hands before passing final judgement (and it’s very frustrating seeing someone else get them first).

First Impressions

S14 makes a bold statement by including not just one, but three zombie minifigures. My immediate thought was that it’s going to be very interesting to see how these minifigures will affect the current demand for S1 Zombies: arguably the most sought after minifigure on Swapfig.

Apart from that, this is definitely going to be a love it or hate it CMF series, depending on whether or not you like monsters/scary things or the minifigures LEGO have gone for. I myself am not a huge horror fan, but my world could always use a few interesting scary minifigures.

Zombie CheerleaderBy far on the top of my list is the Zombie Cheerleader. I don’t know if it’s my personal favourite in this series, but it’s another cheerleader to go with my existing army of the original blue Cheerleaders and Red Cheerleaders, which I will definitely find some use for in the future. As usual, the problem is that Zombie Cheerleaders will magically become more popular (and consequently scalped, hoarded and resold) just because I’ve staked my claim, along with the fact these are zombie Cheerleaders.

Zombie BusinessmanI’m also expecting the Zombie Businessman to go extremely quickly, not least because it’s going to be the most available substitute for the S1 Zombie. If you have the opportunity to purchase a “random” set of S14 minifigures, don’t doubt for a second that the seller has pilfered either of these zombie minifigures – much like they did with the S2 Spartan.

Tiger WomanI also have my eye on the Tiger Woman, which is a very interesting variation on the archetypal catwoman. One thing you’ll notice about S14 is how well LEGO have avoided copyright infringements by being creative with names.
I’ve been told that animal-themed minifigures have become incredibly popular – and not just because I bucked the trend! – resulting in them reaching astronomical prices on the grey market. This one could very well be the most hoarded and scalped minifigure in S14 as a result, and if there are only two in a box of 60, it’s game over.

Skeleton GuyThe Skeleton Guy is a very good candidate for an army minifigure, so expect these to go very quickly as well – especially closer to October 31. If you’ve ever played with the older skeleton minifigures, you’ll know how frustrating it can be not to be able to position their loose arms. As such, you’ll definitely see these guys making frequent appearances on Flickr or your favourite social media, almost with any excuse to use them. I can see these being five or six to a box of 60.

Spectre An underrated armyable candidate is the Spectre, which I’d also imagine would go very quickly (though to a lesser extent than the Skeleton Guy). I’ve already put in my claim for at least ten of these figures, and I can’t wait to see these up close and personal – although I’d probably exchange the head (which looks like it glows in the dark) with either a skeleton head or a plain/transparent head.
The Banshee is a similar-looking minifigure in S14, but I’d rather wait until I have one before making a comparison.

Spider LadyMy current vote for least favourite minifigure in S14 is Spider Lady (not Spider Woman!). Although the Zombie Pirate was also in contention, the only reason to get hold of a Spider Lady (IMO) is for her beehive hairpiece in Black – otherwise she’s basically a female vampire with a spider.
There are many other candidates, such as the Monster Rocker, Wolf Guy and even the Monster Scientist. While the first two are saved by being potentially armyable minifigures, the Monster Scientist has more useful parts than not (I’m not liking his enlarged head very much).

So sayeth SilentMode, but what do you reckon? It’s been a long time since I got involved in a CMF rush, and I’m actually excited to get in the mix again.

Let me know which are your favourites, which are your least favourites and most importantly go and add your wants on Swapfig.