LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Out Now!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the newest book from LEGO from the folks at DK: LEGO® Awesome Ideas. It’s officially out on Amazon, and you can pick up a copy through the link.


LEGO Awesome Ideas the follow-up to the LEGO® Play Book, released in 2013, and follows a similar premise: the book is divided into different “themes”, each with a collection of inspirational models you’ll be able to build and build from for your own purposes.

What you might not know is that yours truly was part of the model making for this book: my first ever experience of working on an actual book, and actually having my work published.

Though not many of my models had made it inside, and I’m probably the only person who doesn’t have any of their models on the front or back cover, there’s something very heartwarming about seeing the final product. This is one of those times when hard work put into something has paid off.

What are you waiting for, dammit? Go buy the book, and get building!