Underrated CUUSOO: September 2015

In the blink of an eye, three quarters of 2015 have already disappeared, and WhiteMode has yet to surprise us with his re-imagining of the worst LEGO fan site on the Internet.

Folks, it’s time for another episode of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, brought to you by yours truly. (Well, who else would it be?) As well as this monthly feature, you can also see my Big Ideas contributions in Bricks magazine, helping to bring Underrated CUUSOO to a larger audience.

We’ve sunk to an all-time low this month, as we literally only have one offering this time around – and I’m really hoping more people get behind this idea.

Winter Village Flower Shop & Greenhouse by ctbrimley

Being a fan of the annual Winter Village theme that’s been running for the past few years, I for one was disappointed with the last three offerings – the cottage, market and workshop – to the point where I didn’t bother finishing my review of the cottage, nor did I buy the latter two. This year we’re getting a re-release of the Winter Toy Shop, much to the chagrin of set investors.

This model by ctbrimley offers something different to add to your existing collection of Winter Village models, and I can see this one fitting with the others, even though it may not distinctly look like a greenhouse. Even though every opportunity has been taken to use those famous masonry bricks, it certainly looks like the inspiration for the design of the building came from ownership of the previous sets, as opposed to making something incredibly fancy and detailed for favourites on Flickr.

I would really have liked to have seen something like this instead of a Toy Shop re-release: a legitimate addition to the Winter Village that is smaller and isn’t as expensive as the recent offerings. I definitely think this model would work, and it would be great if we could look forward to its release this time next year.

The reason this project has made this month’s Underrated CUUSOO is that, despite all the bellyaching over the Toy Shop’s re-release, there are only 226 supporters behind it. Hopefully, with the help of the worst LEGO fan site on the Internet, we can add maybe two more.


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We’ll see you next month.