Underrated CUUSOO: October 2015

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv. The same SilentMode.tv that, just a couple of hours ago, was discovered to be hacked!

Yes, some disgruntled fem – I mean – white knight had felt some kind of way, to the point where hacking the site seemed like a good idea.

It almost worked, too… except your boy has backups on deck, and knows how to use them. Long story short: we’re still here, and they’re being reported to their ISP.

But back to this month’s feature. We have six eligible projects to promote this month, and don’t forget you can also find my LEGO Ideas suggestions in Bricks magazine.

Ultron Prime Buildable Figure by findogask734

It’s been a while since the second Avengers movie came out, and clearly some people are still fans. While Hero Factory models don’t do anything for me (System all the way), I have to admit this is a particularly impressive build, and Ultron is incredibly suited to this kind of model. Far more so than, say, Luke Skywalker.

Something like this may eventually end up on the shelves anyway, but why not show support for this LEGO Ideas variant before it happens? Right now, three days in, there are 68 supporters.

Mini Carousel by Andy-Lu

There’s definitely a thing for miniature or microscale versions of existing LEGO sets, as I’ve featured a few of them already. This one is obviously of the Grand Carousel set (10196) that came out back in 2009, except it’s manually operated – according to the project owner – rather than powered by a motor.

It may not be any consolation to those who missed out on the bigger version, but this is another miniaturised set that could be part of your collection – provided it gets enough supporters. There are only 29 right now, but there’s plenty to go around and around and around…

Bake Off set by vjw1978

Inspired by (but for some reason not playing off of) The Great British Bake Off, which seems to be a highly popular “reality” contest, this project reminds us Town fans that there used to be chefs, complete with hats and cooking utensils. Outside of the modular buildings, when’s the last time you thought of chef minifigures?

I particularly like this project, even without the show tie-in that could have easily gotten it ten times as many supporters, because it’s almost a return to the older Town sets that I greatly prefer over City. Hopefully it would also inspire people to [learn how to] cook!

Even without blatant IP attachment it’s doing very well, with 112 supporters.

Micro Space Classics 1979-1989 by Mechalex

Yet another project involving microscale versions of previously released sets, except this one is firmly about Classic Space. As hard as it is to believe, particularly with the Transformers inspired dinosaur at the top, all of these builds are essentially Microfighter versions of old sets.

This one probably doesn’t need any help, as it already has 462 supporters – but it just qualifies for inclusion in this month’s feature.

Medical Minis by BrickingIt66

Another variant of the infamous Research Institute’s three vignette composition, which also happens to be a collaboration (also the “in” thing these days). Medicine Minis takes things a bit further by having larger, more spacious vignettes, with a bunch of decorative features: chests of drawers, waste bins, reading material and even a bed with curtains.

If you like your vignettes a lot less cramped, and you’re a fan or supporter of the medical profession, this project may just be for you. It certainly is for 108 supporters at present.

LEGO Sea Animals project by RedJLDev

This may very well have been inspired by a certain successful LEGO Ideas project currently in stores, but at least the subjects are in a different arena. Most impressive of all is the stingray (centre), which is what I’d most look forward to building… I don’t know about it being pictured with a possible minifigure of the late Steve Irwin though (see the updates tab!) – that could be a bit much.

In any case, if you liked the coincidentally similar project featuring birds instead of sea animals, here’s your chance to have them made into an official set. It too doesn’t need much help, it seems, with a very impressive 497 supporters.


That’s it for this month’s Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, brought to you by the worst LEGO fan site on the Internet. Join us again next month, where I’ll hopefully have this many projects to showcase.