SilentMode’s LEGO Ideas Predictions (as of October)

Your pal SilentMode again, with another LEGO Ideas prediction for the next batch of successful projects.

Currently abroad and waiting to be transported to the hotel, I had a quick look at the numerous projects awaiting review. As is usually the case, feasibility has gone right out of the window, as many of the projects would be ridiculously expensive to release as official (LEGO Ideas) sets.
Interestingly enough, however, the Ghostbusters headquarters has now been made an official set, despite not passing the review stage some time ago. iI would be interesting to hear from the project owner about this development, I’m curious as to what they have to say.

Looking at the lineup of projects, I personally think it’s going to be a battle of the names. Both Science Adventure¬†and Small YELLOW are my predictions, either to be chosen as the next official sets or to be carried over to the next review: the former by two-time champion Altariel, the latter by world-famous Nathan Sawaya.

Both are household names, thanks to heavy promotion on the Internet, which we’ve discovered is one of the keys to LEGO Ideas success. I’ve got Science Adventure over Small YELLOW, solely because of the success of the infamous Research Institute, but I think both projects stand a good chance of being in the running after the review.

I can’t see any of the other projects succeeding, but I could be absolutely wrong. What do you reckon?