SilentMode’s Response to the LEGO Ideas First 2015 Review

Coming over the wire just a few hours ago was the shocking news that nobody – not even yours truly – could see coming. In a world first, absolutely none of the projects in contention were chosen.

Don’t believe me? Go have a look at the official weblog.

Looking at the topmost comments very briefly, it seems a few people are upset about the news. Personally, given what they had to work with, I think LEGO has made the right choice.

Let me say again: LEGO Ideas is a great thing, but its biggest problem is and has always been the people voting for these projects. Without rehashing the same points over and over, anyone who thought an almost fully chromed aeroplane (that’s probably why they voted for it) would be made – no offence to the project owner – should probably not be allowed to vote.

At the same time, I think LEGO should be upfront about certain aspects of the review process, such as their target price point, number of parts, colour limitations, etc. Even if they can’t or won’t discuss specifics about each project, it would greatly improve the kinds of projects submitted in the first place if there were clear(er) guidelines.

In any case, there are nine projects in the next review, which will reportedly come to a head early next year.