SilentMode’s Predictions: LEGO Ideas Second 2015 Review

Now that we’ve found out the outcome of the last review, it’s time to give my prediction of the next one. Although it’s called the Second 2015 review, the results are said to be revealed early next year.

From the outset, my preferences lie squarely (or rather vertically) in the middle column.

A lot of people, particularly on this side of the pond, are rooting for the Caterham Super Seven. A lot of support from the Brickish Association, as well as from Caterham Cars, and heavy promotion has helped get it the 10,000 supporters required for review. Admittedly I wasn’t one of those people behind it, but it would be a great third UK victory – behind the Exo Suit and the LEGO Birds Project – if it passes.

I would actually be keen on a brick-built Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but other than build and look at it I have no idea what I’d do with it afterwards. It would be great if it came with a minifigure-scale Stay Puft, but as bespoke parts (as far as I’m aware) are out of the question it’s unlikely.

Of the three projects mentioned, I guess I’m most rooting for The Little Prince. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about the story – I never read the book, watched the movie, met the author or bought the t-shirt – but I do know about the passion, energy and effort put into the project, which itself took a very long time to get 10,000 supporters. So long that, if I remember correctly, the project had literally been saved by the new extension rules.

As for which project I think LEGO will go for: I have a very bad feeling that Brick Built Adventure Time Figures is going to be at the top of the list. Not because it’s a bad project, but because I’m not a fan of Adventure Time.
I suspect that LEGO would choose an IP-based project to balance out the Labyrinth Marble Maze announced last – on my count there are currently the same number of IP-based Ideas sets to non-IP ones. I honestly can’t see any of the other unmentioned projects making the cut – Indominus Rex would immediately be out because of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s fate from the last review.

I don’t think LEGO would repeat the outcome of the last review by eliminating every single project and having nothing announced as the next Ideas set, if for no other reason than to avoid a community backlash.

Let’s not forget that the F7A Hornet – Star Citizen project is still in contention, and it could very well cause a Research Institute style upset. (If you don’t know what I mean, look it up.) One thing that hasn’t been done in LEGO Ideas yet is an aircraft, fictional or otherwise, and in this line up the F7A Hornet really stands out as being unique. Though I was indifferent last time, I think this project stands a very good chance of being chosen.

So to recap:

My preferred selection: The Little Prince or Caterham Super Seven.
My prediction: F7A Hornet – Star Citizen or Brick Built Adventure Time Figures.