Underrated CUUSOO: November 2015

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas.

How about that bombshell last month, eh? You’ll be glad to know I haven’t changed my stance at all; at the same time, I’m fully aware of only being a tiny voice in the grand scheme of things, meaning people will learn absolutely nothing from the events and continue to treat LEGO Ideas as a “best MOC” competition. All I can do, right here on SilentMode.tv, is help promote the more “deserving” projects that otherwise would probably go unnoticed.

So without further preamble, here are the selections for this month.

History of Computers by Eiffleman

A very good candidate for a LEGO Ideas set is this collection of brick-built computers throughout the ages. Some of you may remember when the most basic of computers took up entire rooms, but many of us are familiar with even more powerful (but planned obsolete) devices that can fit in our pockets – they’re all represented in this project, so there’s literally something for everybody.
It could really use your help, as after a week on LEGO Ideas it has 216 supporters.

TRON Light Cycle Game Grid Set by sparkart

There are many, many TRON related projects on LEGO Ideas, many of which involve the famous light cycles – especially the black and blue ones from the more recent movie. This is the first such project I’ve seen that not only used the design of the original (superior) movie, but used the idea of a minifigure riding inside the vehicle.
The project would include four different coloured light cycles, each with a minifigure from the movie. It would be awesome to see LEGO’s official take on the original light cycle, and even this Disneyphobe would probably obtain more than one copy of the set. Right now, though, we only have 80 supporters.

New “Brick Office” by indybailey

These cubicle-style projects don’t seem to do very well on LEGO Ideas: they manage to get 100, maybe 200 supporters in the first few weeks, and then seem to be completely forgotten. Let’s see if we can change that.
I detect quite a bit of influence from The Big Bang Theory and perhaps other television shows, but all the features of the office of yesteryear seem to be in place: colourful receptionist, stiff manager, computer nerd and so on. This is a model for the older generation; there aren’t enough office politics for the current generation to appreciate.
In any case, this office model has 107 supporters.


That’s all we have time for in this episode. You can also find a few more of my suggestions in Bricks Magazine, under the Big Ideas section.

Until next month.