SilentMode at BRICK 2015 London

For the fourth consecutive year, I’m going to be exhibiting at next week’s BRICK 2015 event in London, held at the London ExCeL. Make sure you get your tickets to see your pal SilentMode at BRICK 2015.

The odd thing this time around is that I haven’t been my usual excited self about being part of the biggest LEGO event in the UK, for reasons I’ll go into at a later date.

What has made me a little nervous is the presence of Friends characters at the show in Birmingham – obviously people dressed up as those characters – who apparently did a dance routine. Will I have the bravery to approach a real-life Emma? Right now, I don’t know.

Anyway, this post is to give you folks a heads up of what I’m planning on displaying in my section of the Fan Zone If you happen to see me, stop by and say hello – unless you’re still mad about my Research Institute review, something I’ve said about LEGO Ideas projects, or any of my other transgressions.



This year’s eccentric concept is what I’ve called the Mascoteers: a “new” technique for super deformed characters made of LEGO. It started out as a potential LEGO Ideas project, but over time it took on a life of its own – and now there are over 50 of these bad boys to showcase.

You can see some Mascoteers examples in my Flickr feed, and surprisingly they’ve gone down well.



There’s also going to be a section reserved for promoting Swapfig, featuring a brand new concept store model that made an appearance at this year’s Great Western Brick Show. Unlike at the Great Western Brick Show I will be asking for a tiny donation if you want to walk away with a promotional pin badge.



SCREAM extended will be featured again this year, but unfortunately I haven’t had any time to add new vignettes to the series. What you’ll hopefully see are the same models from last year, but with yellowed parts replaced.


There’s still quite a bit of preparation to do, so you probably won’t hear from me until the event begins.