BRICK 2015 London: the walkthrough

Once again (that’s me!) brings you a walkthrough video, this time of the biggest event in the UK this year. This BRICK 2015 walkthrough is of the event at the London ExCeL: there was another event at the Birmingham NEC earlier this year, but I was too occupied to be able to attend that one.

There are event videos, and there are walkthroughs. I won’t claim to be the first to do walkthrough-style videos (I was probably inspired by Beyond The Brick), but my intention for doing these is to showcase everything – or as much as possible – at events I have the chance to go to. Legoboy did an excellent job of doing a walkthrough video of BRICK 2014 in my absence, which included the infamous clip of someone stealing from one of the stalls.
One thing you won’t see in most people’s videos is my table, and most of you will be completely unaware of my presence at The LEGO Show 2011 and 2012, perhaps even BRICK 2014. Hence, the significance of walkthrough videos like this one.

As someone had decided to steal my camcorder at last year’s event, this time we’re putting our brand new GoPro camera to use – if you were at the event you might have seen me walking around with it while filming. I like the GoPro, although one major disadvantage is the LCD screen automatically turning off while recording.

You’ll be able to see in the video that there was a lot of stuff to cover, and that was just in the Fan Zone! In general there was more floor space with this year’s event than the last, and the exhibits – as well as being more ambitious – took up a lot more room.

Some people are talking about their “best in show” nominations at BRICK 2015, so this is mine: an exhibit I found myself being drawn to again and again, with the icing on the cake being the house music dominating the venue. There were a lot of other exhibits on a similar scale, but this one took it to the next level by incorporating sound and lighting effects.
It got me thinking: the only thing that could have made it better at the time was live mixing, but then again I had an exhibit of my own to take care of!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the above BRICK 2015 walkthrough. Thank you to everybody who rolled through, especially if they paid a visit to my table, for making it an enjoyable experience and a great end to 2015.