Selfridges Windows at BRICK 2015

One of the numerous big displays at BRICK 2015 was a minifigure scale version of Selfridges, designed and built by Lee McGinty. To help raise money for Fairy Bricks, each of the windows in the model were allocated in a silent auction, in which yours truly took part.

Selfridges entries

Each of the windows had space for a room measuring 14 studs wide by eight bricks high (I think), with no restriction on depth. I didn’t have much time to something together, but I did and it was interesting to see other people figure out – in some cases guess – which one I made.

There were 14 windows in total,¬†and visitors to BRICK 2015 voted for the best one out of them. Coming out on top was this design that clearly thought out of the box (and I’m mad I didn’t think of doing something like it!) by Elspeth:

Selfridges window

A very close second was this incredibly impressive Power Functions build by Huw of Brickset:

As for me, considering I had an unconventional window display, I ranked¬†sixth. More important to me than winning was doing something for charity, and that’s the truth.