UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: February 2016

It’s that time again: welcome to another edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas. Yes, we’re keeping the misspelling of “underrated”, because it seems to have stuck!

Though the pickings for this month are relatively slim, I wanted to quickly address the very real issue of badmouthing. I’ve seen it happen countless times with crowdfunding campaigns and LEGO Ideas projects, including last week in one of the forums.
Whether or not I like a project or campaign, I don’t agree with or support the practice of badmouthing, because getting to 10,000 supporters is hard enough. Some have even tried to discredit UNDERATED, I guess because it’s not part of a bigger and more popular site. In the end, people who engage in badmouthing don’t actually contribute anything.

Enough of that, though. If you haven’t seen my post on how I select projects to be featured on UNDERATED, please check it out when you have the chance.

Grandads Old Shed by bobbrick999

First on this month’s list is a request from the project owner to feature this project. At first glance it looks like a Creator log cabin, but is intended to be an elaborate garden shed, complete with all kinds of tools and accessories.

Though this looks like it contains one too many parts for the golden price to parts ratio, I think this would work as a LEGO Ideas set. We haven’t had a garden shed as far as I recall, and there’s plenty of room for LEGO to refine the design should it be chosen.

So right now the project has 82 supporters – will you be the next one?

LEGO City Animal Shelter by Luuknijman

Here’s another great idea for a LEGO Ideas set, particularly if you enjoyed the Research Institute: an animal shelter. Although the 16×16 format makes it look too crowded, this one is likely to appeal to animal lovers and those interested in animal welfare. Just about any animal we can think of would fit right in. (Okay, maybe not dinosaurs, dragons, sharks, crocodiles…)

As with the shed, it would be interesting to see LEGO’s take on the project should it get made – unfortunately a tie-in with Animal Hospital would be unlikely. At the moment there are 42 supporters behind this particular project.

The Ellen Show by Brick Gallery

Here’s a curve ball for you. Ellen DeGeneres is a comedienne, most famous for “coming out” during the time of her namesake sitcom, who has her own talk show. I’m not familiar with the show at all, but she kinda looks like B. Bee.

Whatever you think about Ellen or her show: as much as you might think it’s not an appropriate subject for a set, I can’t help but be drawn to the project. I would actually pick one of these up if it got made, just because it’s been so well designed – as one person pointed out in the comments, having been built from actual parts greatly adds to its appeal. If you don’t like Ellen, you can always make your own show.

We have 35 supporters behind this project, and apparently the word hasn’t gotten out about it yet… Perhaps it being featured on UNDERATED will help.

Portable Chess Set by dephra

There are a million and one chess boards on LEGO Ideas, with everything from Star Wars chess to mini chess to giant chess to EvilMode chess and so on. You might have even heard people (who obviously don’t play chess) talking about “chess moves” and “chess not checkers”, trying to sound smart.

This chess board might not look like anything special, considering the pictures are all renders (Black 1×1 round tiles don’t yet exist). What sets this one apart from the others is its storage solution for the chess pieces in the board, making the project live up to its name.

This one has 148 supporters behind it, and it would be awesome if such a project actually encourages people to take up chess.

That’s it for this month, but it won’t be long before the next edition of UNDERATED. Remember to support your favourite projects on LEGO Ideas by clicking on the big Support button, as well as telling people about them on social media.