Caterham Super Seven: the next LEGO Ideas set

It’s been a while coming, but we’ve finally gotten some news from the LEGO Ideas camp about the next LEGO Ideas set… You’d think the surprise would have been ruined by this post’s title, but the tags on their weblog post gave everything away to begin with.

A massive surprise this time around, as the Caterham Super Seven – a heavily supported project by Carl Greatrix – has been announced as the next LEGO Ideas set. I’ve actually lost count as to how many sets there are now, but this makes the third LEGO Ideas victory out of the UK, behind the Exo Suit and the LEGO Birds Project.

If that wasn’t enough, my worst fears were confirmed when they also announced that Adventure Time had also succeeded. But enough about that.

As mentioned previously: though I wasn’t one of the 10,000 who supported the Caterham Super Seven, I’m incredibly pleased for Carl, especially since… well, I won’t mention what had happened, just to be sure. A big congratulations to him for his success!

This news also meant that the Star Citizen F7A Hornet, which had survived the two previous reviews, was finally rejected and came to the end of its run. That’s got to be incredibly frustrating for nosmigon, the project owner.

In any case, the candidates for the next review have been announced, and seven of them happen to be vehicles. I’ll let you know what my predictions are, as well as my choices for UNDERATED this month, in future posts.