SilentMode’s Prediction: LEGO Ideas Third 2015 Review

Now that the news about the next LEGO Ideas set has finally been released, it’s that time once again. In anticipation of the next announcement, I give you my predictions for the Third 2015 LEGO Ideas Review – which should be announced in the next month or so (Spring 2016).

As I’d mentioned in my previous post, what’s interesting is that seven out of the nine candidates are vehicles of some kind, with three being based on famous IPs.

I’d immediately exclude Victorian London Christmas, on the grounds that it’s another of those huge MOCs – although the demand for the new Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters has shown that people aren’t afraid of paying the price for a large set. Again, I’m respecting the price of previous LEGO Ideas sets (around GBP 50).

Of the nine projects, my money would be on two…

The first is the Jurassic Park Explorer, which would make the third IP-based car to be released as a LEGO Ideas set (behind The DeLorean and Ecto-1). Even with the newer Jurassic World movie coming out last year, I think people have a much softer spot for the original movie. Particularly if this comes with minifigures of the iconic characters from the movie, it’s going to be a hit.
There was quite a bit of controversy around projects based on Jurassic Park, such as the stuff that happened with BrickQueen, but this project being chosen would hopefully and finally put things to bed.

The second is the Beatles Yellow Submarine. I can’t imagine how many issues there might be with intellectual property, likenesses, copyright and the like, but this would be a particularly interesting set if it gets chosen. You might think the Beatles or the Yellow Submarine are too left field for interest in a LEGO set (how many people really know about it?), but it would sell just based off of the scalping resale and collectors value.

Despite having gained 10,000 supporters, I can’t see any of the other projects making the cut. Maybe the Apollo 11 Saturn-V will be held over for the following review stage, although I’d suspect there may be an effort to move away from space-related projects.

What do you think?