Disney Characters That Should Be Collectible Minifigures

I don’t like Disney. Imagine how thrilled I was, then, when LEGO announced a dedicated Disney Collectible Minifigures series. Various reviews (by those fortunate enough to get advance copies) have been plastered all over the web, and there have even been early sightings in the stores. Unlike the others thus far, this series has 18 minifigures instead of the usual 16.

Much like The Simpsons CMFs, my only interest in these is to have one for the collection. I am particularly keen on the Alice minifigure, which is hopefully better than it looks once I get hold of it.

Despite my dislike of Disney (and alliteration), there were other characters I would have preferred to see in the series, assuming (and by goodness I hope) there isn’t going to be a part two. It’s time for me to put my Mascoteers hat on and give my opinion on which characters should have made the cut: I’d replace Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Mr Incredible, Alien, Genie and Ariel.

In creating this list of preferred alternatives, I’ve excluded franchises that Disney has bought into and taken over – so no Star Wars, Marvel, Chronicles of Narnia, Wizard of Oz, Indiana Jones or anything else I’ve forgotten.

The White Rabbit

white rabbit

Here’s a character who’s late, who’s late, for a very important date. Though they’re equally iconic to the Alice in Wonderland movie, I would have chosen the White Rabbit over the Cheshire Cat. You might feel differently.

(As a side note: I’d always thought of the Cheshire Cat as an actual cat, not something that stands on two legs – although he does so in the movie.)

Probably didn’t make it because: too much custom moulding required; not as versatile as the Cheshire Cat.



Admittedly I don’t know much about Pocahontas, nor have I seen the Disney version of the story. I just think it would have been great to have a non-White female minifigure for a change (that isn’t a Star Wars or Marvel character).

Probably didn’t make it because: too similar to the S15 Tribal Woman.



I would have preferred Tinkerbell over Peter Pan, and that’s all I have to say about this choice. Of the classic Disney cartoons, Peter Pan ranks as one of my least favourites. Even better than a minifigure, Tinkerbell would be very interesting as a mini-minifigure.

Probably didn’t make it because: too similar to the S8 Fairy.

Snow White

snow white

Snow White, along with many of the other Disney princesses, is one of those characters who doesn’t seem to do anything. However, this is one character I know would be very popular as a minifigure.

Probably didn’t make it because: the complexity of her outfit; may also be better suited as a minidoll in the Disney Princesses range.

The Beast


Going against convention, The Beast is actually a protagonist (hence the title Beauty and the Beast). He would definitely have been something different in the series.

Probably didn’t make it because: the paintwork on the head would be a potential nightmare; could be too similar to the S14 Square Foot.

Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts

The new skirt part introduced by the S15 Queen was made for the Queen of Hearts. No, I’m not talking about the Queen in that BS live action/CGI movie. I particularly like this character because she’s comical and over the top in the movie, but could easily resemble that one person you know or have come across. (I highly suspect she was voiced by a man in the movie as well.)

Probably didn’t make it because: representing her well enough as a regular minifigure would be fairly difficult (due to her distinctive head).


Jiminy Cricket

jiminy cricket

I’ve seen Pinocchio several times when I was younger (because there wasn’t much else to watch), and I was never really sure if Jiminy Cricket was human or an insect. I think he would work as part of the series, because he’s a character we haven’t seen much of outside of the movie.

Probably didn’t make it because: would work better as a small animal (like the S12 Spooky Girl’s teddy).



Another film I’ve seen several times in the past was The Jungle Book, and it’s rather surprising that Mowgli hasn’t made more appearances than some of the other characters. In fairness, we’d probably think more about Baloo or Shere Khan, perhaps even King Louie, if we thought about the movie.

Probably didn’t make it because: virtually naked minifigurelost out to Aladdin, who is roughly the same colour but more familiar because of the two more recent movies, TV series and spinoffs.

Prince John

prince john

Here’s a curve ball for most of you. Prince John was the main protagonist of the animated Robin Hood movie from way back when, and though he’s a lion (he almost resembles a lioness!) he’s humanoid enough to work as a minifigure. I most remember his tyrannical personality, and who could forget him fawning over his mother while sucking his thumb.

Probably didn’t make it because: nobody [else] remembers this character.

Actually, I don’t want to know what your list would be. Don’t bother posting your thoughts in the comments section, and tormenting me with more Disney than I can stomach. Let’s get this series out of the way, so we can see what else LEGO will come up with in the next one. (And no, I haven’t paid attention to the leaked photos of Series 16.)