SilentMode’s Prediction: LEGO Ideas First 2016 review

The results for the Second 2016 review are coming up, according to the tweet LEGO Ideas put out just this morning. Along with it comes the lineup for the First 2016 review, where the qualifications had ended at midnight today.

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t chime in with my prediction post?

This time around we have nine projects competing for the title, which seems to be a magic number: how many times have there been around nine projects in a review phase? You can have a look at the projects in contention by visiting the LEGO Ideas weblog post.

Usually I would completely discount the obligatory modular building, the obligatory MOC with thousands of parts used for detailing, and the project that could easily be an official LEGO set yet to be released. While this time is no exception (Modular Train Station by LegoWolf, Old Fishing Store by robenanne and Jedi High Council Chamber by lojaco respectively), we mustn’t overlook the idea that anything can happen, particularly given the outcomes of the last few review phases.

This review phase suffers from most of the projects being on the large side, which might be what the hordes of supporters would actually want, but it could also mean that nothing gets chosen from this phase. That is, unless LEGO wants to break the mould and actually release a GBP 100+ LEGO Ideas set.

Assuming they’ll choose something from this review phase, my money would be on the Jurassic Park Visitor Center by LDiEgo: it’s the only project out of the nine that I could realistically see being released, without having to make too many modifications.

I would actually like to see the Particle Accelerator project by JKBrickWorks, and it would be my second choice; unfortunately I can’t imagine how any parts it would take to build it.

Johnny Five by PepaQuin (which I’m fairly certain I helped give a push!) is another good candidate, but it might suffer from the previous release of the Wall-E LEGO Ideas set.

As for the Rolling BB-8, a collaboration between mjsmiley and artbot138: while it’s an impressive build in that it actually rolls, its success was probably more about the hype surrounding the movie, so I’m not sure how well it will do in the review.

I’m more uncertain about this review phase than any of the others so far, not least because LEGO had once exercised their ability to disqualify an entire review. However, I think the outcome of this review is going to set a precedent, regardless of which project is chosen, if a project gets chosen.

Do any of you think that LEGO Ideas will see its first modular building, or GBP 100+ project?