UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: May 2016

Later in the month than we’d like, it’s time for another episode of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, which you can find exclusively on SilentMode.tv.

This month we’ve found ourselves having to pull a LEGO Ideas, with an announcement that we couldn’t find any projects to feature this month. We’ve browsed through the Discover tab on LEGO Ideas at least three times in the last 30 days, and there was literally nothing that qualified for this monthly feature.

As anticlimactic (or not!) as this news might be, it reminds us of a very important facet of UNDERATED: while we really want to help projects get to the coveted 10,000 supporter mark, especially those that other sites tend to overlook, it wouldn’t be right to promote something for the sake of having site content – especially things that don’t even meet our guidelines. At the very least, we won’t feature anything we wouldn’t go out and buy if it became a LEGO Ideas set.

With that said, there’s one project that deserves an honourable mention this month.

Bauhaus Building, Dessau by Fahrgast07

This project didn’t make the cut solely because it’s an Architecture style project, but we felt it deserved a mention as it only has 134 supporters (including SilentMode.tv). Although the Architecture line has made a shift toward skylines and revisits of older sets, this is a definite candidate for a building that should be represented as an official set.

Next month is going to be a very busy month, but we have our fingers crossed that we’ll have our usual list of LEGO Ideas projects to promote. In the meantime, check out the Discover tab for yourself, and show your support for your favourite projects.