UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: June 2016

Welcome again to another edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, with your host SilentMode. This is for June’s selection.

While the idea of having an official LEGO set of your own model is thrilling, we have step back and evaluate how much we want it. It’s not an easy process: not only does your project have to accumulate 10,000 supporters (which is a lotand pass LEGO’s review stage… it has to get off the ground. The rules concerning new projects have gotten more restrictive – though you might not be able to tell from the Discovery tab.
Sometimes we must be realistic and accept that our quest for LEGO Ideas gold will end at one of these stages, whether we like it or not. These are some of the projects who’ve taken the challenge anyway.

Robot Programmer by NvdK

One thing I haven’t seen yet on LEGO Ideas is a robotic arm… unless I haven’t been paying attention. This robotic arm could be used to construct vehicles, for scientific experiments, or just for fun – it’s up to you. This is also one of the few MOCs I’ve seen where Orange suits the application.

It might not be your typical project in terms of size, but it’s an opportunity for LEGO Ideas to go in another direction with a budget set. It’s doing fairly well with 93 supporters to date.

Mini, Table Foosball by MADJiCStudios_8263

There are a handful of foosball (table top football) projects, and it happened that I picked this one. This table is intended for quick games as it lets you keep score for up to three points on each side. It’s also a reasonable and realistically sized table for a LEGO set.

At the moment it has 74 supporters, showing there’s at least a small audience for this concept.

M&M’s Chocolate Candy Dispenser by EDxAS

Pushing the boundaries – perhaps a little too much – is this food-related offering by two “seventeen year old foodies”. Personally I prefer Smarties as they’re not as poisonous, but I’d imagine you could use them or jelly beans instead of M&Ms anyway.

It’s not immediately clear whether this project is for one or both pictured dispensers, but the fact this project made it on to LEGO Ideas means it’s a viable one. It’s doing incredibly well with 327 supporters to their name.

Create Your Own Studio by KellindilDH

This is more like it. This takes the three vignette standard started by the infamous Research Institute and turns it into a proper set… not just by making the rooms bigger, but by making them modular. You can have them in just about any configuration (as demonstrated in the pictures), and you’re even inspired to create your own. The vignettes that have been presented are keepers.

We have 114 supporters for this concept, which I think is criminally low.

Mini Movie Studio by EpicChiliSauce

Finally we have a larger vignette of a studio, where what appears to be comedy movie is being filmed… Or it could be a horror movie about what happens if you leave doors open too long. In any case, the studio has an almost completely smooth surface, and includes filming and production equipment, as well as the crew and talent.

While not as flexible as the above project, it would make a nice addition to the LEGO Ideas roster as a large vignette set. It currently has 33 supporters.

That’s all we have for this last month, so join us later this month where we’ll have some more recommendations.