VIDEO: Bricktastic 2016 Slideshow

Last weekend saw the annual Bricktastic event, held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex in, well, Manchester. Bricktastic is a public LEGO event held by the charity Fairy Bricks, which made its début in Manchester last year.

This year’s Bricktastic was and should be considered a success: as well as the usual gathering of new and familiar faces, visitor numbers were reportedly doubled from last year.

While I was a guest at last year’s event, I was [trusted enough to be] invited this time around to exhibit as well as showing my support. This is my third LEGO event this year (behind the Brickish Weekend at the National Space Centre in Leicester and the Paredes de Coura fan weekend in Portugal), with just one more on the cards.

Bricktastic 2016 - my display.

Being in Manchester also provided the opportunity to visit the LEGO store at the Arndale, which I hadn’t been to in a long time.

SilentMode’s best in show

Bricktastic 2016: best in show

It’s become customary to nominate a “best in show” display at these events. While they’re no less deserving, unfortunately and predictably most people will just nominate the biggest MOC there.

My choice for “best in show” is this Friends themed port. The more juvenile among us would suspect something dodgy going on, but for the rest of us it’s a brand new concept (in terms of what’s missing from the overall theme). There were many great displays, including the larger ones people would vote for by default, but this was one I came back to admire more than once.

Watch the slideshow

I don’t have much more to add, except I’ve put together a slideshow video of photos taken during the event. It has absolutely no views at the moment, despite having been up for four hours, so check it out!