UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: August 2016

As promised, it’s time for another edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, exclusively on SilentMode.tv – the AFOL site that isn’t afraid to tell people what the owner is really thinking.


I’ve been back on my day job and working elsewhere. On top of nine-hour working days and nightmarish commuting, I’ve been keeping an eye on pet project Swapfig, as well as preparing for this year’s Great Western Brick Show at the beginning of October. Even though I haven’t designed or built any new MOCs this year, I always push myself when it comes to events – usually to insane stress levels.

One valuable lesson learned is that no matter how occupied I get, I have to keep promoting myself. It’s especially important if – like me – you don’t have a team or crew behind you.

Not everyone has [access to] a high-profile fan site, or a mob of angry “oppressed” people, to push their LEGO Ideas submissions. So when everything in your power has been done, and you still have 500 supporters or less, maybe UNDERATED can help.

Racing Mech – SPINA by Omar!

Mechs seem to be the order of the day on LEGO Ideas: there are hundreds of them, all with differing levels of complexity. This one makes the list for being more than just a pretty model, as it doubles as a racing vehicle, complete with minifigure pilot.

You could say it’s too soon after the Exo Suit for another mech, but I think it’s different enough to stand on its own (no pun intended). And it even looks good in two of LEGO’s most garish colours going. Right now there are 176 supporters behind this project, keeping interest in mechs alive.

Coraline by BrickGallery

I’ve not seen the movie, and I have no idea how accurate this vehicle or the minifigures are. What I can say is that it’s remarkably different, and might even encourage me to go see the film.

I don’t know what else to say about this one, except it takes a more artistic approach to borrowing from a famous IP. As it has only 33 supporters at present, I’m guessing not many people are familiar with the movie.

Betta Fish Lamp by iamguppy

Although this project is intended to be a working lamp, I think it would work better as a decorative ornament, whether at home or at work. For those of us who don’t have the time or patience to take care of a real fish, the building process would simulate introducing a pet into its new home.

Like the project owner, I can really see this becoming an actual set (whether or not LEGO steals is inspired by the idea). So far an amazing 130 supporters agree.

Godzira Movie Set by JHThompson

Finally we have another microscale world being rampaged by a “giant” minifigure – and for the first time (as far as I know) the culprit is none other than Gojira/Godzilla/Godzira. Or, if you prefer, the Lizard Suit Guy from the Collectible Minifigures.

I’m surprised that LEGO hasn’t put something like this out themselves already. As mentioned before, it doesn’t even have to be tied to an existing IP – but if it helps the project reach 10,000 supporters, so be it. At the moment it has a long way to go, with only 23 supporters behind it.

That’s all I have for August’s picks, and apologies for not having as many words as I usually do. Nevertheless, please be sure to show these and other LEGO Ideas projects your support, by going to their respective pages and hitting the Support button.

This has been the August edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas – join me at the end of this month, where I’ll have some more projects that could use your help.