Great Western Brick Show (STEAM) 2016 Slideshow

Thanks to crappy upload speeds, it took almost two whole days to upload. But it’s finally here: our slideshow video of this year’s Great Western Brick Show (otherwise known as STEAM).

As is typical, I haven’t gotten any feedback whatsoever on whether the slideshow format works, or if video footage is more appropriate. Bearing in mind the YouTube views these videos get, the photo slideshows – taking much less time to produce – are the way to go.

There were a lot of goings-on at the event this time around, including a Robot Wars style tournament with LEGO-built robots. (We’ve got footage of some of the battles!)

There were allegedly more people exhibiting this time around, and visitor numbers were at their usual high levels. This suggests that the bar is being raised, with event veterans making way for new blood.

This STEAM turned out not to be so great for me personally, which I’ll get into in another post, although it was still a good experience.