UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: September 2016

Welcome to the belated September edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: exclusive to the world’s most taboo LEGO fan site, SilentMode.tv. This edition is late primarily because last weekend was the Great Western Brick Show, and I was feverishly trying to build and repair the new and improved Mascoteers mini site that nobody visited in the end.


Speaking of the Great Western Brick Show: you’re probably aware of the Caterham 7 LEGO Ideas set now being on the shelves. As part of the Caterham 7’s launch, an actual Caterham 7 was on display at the event, along with the set and the person behind the project. Given that Caterham themselves were supporting the project, the presence of the actual car was a very nice gesture. I didn’t dare try to get inside it myself.

Though it’s a long way off for most of us, it’s one of those nice flowery thoughts we can adopt on our way to 10,000 supporters. What kind of product launch would our project have, if it ever became an official set? In the case of The Big Bang Theory, it might even get a spot on a popular TV show.

While we’re thinking pleasant thoughts about fame and fortune, let’s go over my picks for this last month.

Pusheen the Cat by kevinszeto

LEGO Ideas sets seem to be getting larger, with the introduction of the LEGO MazeCaterham 7 and now the Old Fishing Store projects. I think there’s still room for smaller sets, especially for those without deep pockets.

Even though I’m not sure how the cat is actually constructed (where does that tail go?), I can see this project being packaged similarly to the [expensive!] Friends minidoll packs. The cat itself has a smooth design, with clever use of the claw parts for whiskers, and a great idea in the dotted 1×1 tiles. If the standing and sitting poses could be incorporated into a single build somehow, that would be even better.

It would be great if the creators of Pusheen got behind this project, but in any case it has 92 supporters at present.

Chinese Style – QingYinGe by acgshow

Modular buildings have been a staple of LEGO Ideas projects for a while now, and with the Old Fishing Store being chosen for production, it won’t be long before a modular building passes the review. This is one such contender, which draws inspiration from ancient Chinese architecture in a refreshing twist.

You’ll see that the focus has been squarely (no pun intended) placed on the exterior. Unlike other modular buildings, there doesn’t seem to be an interior to speak of; it’s boarded up with White panels. Let’s hope it won’t be replaced with “luxury apartments”.

If you liked last year’s Temple of Airjitzu set, you’ll probably be drawn to this project. Naturally it’s doing incredibly well, just being under the UNDERATED threshold at 469 supporters.

Eco-Friendly Engineer Workshop with Green Roof by iamguppy

I’ll never forget “too many parts” being used an excuse not to support my 1200-part modular building, even though other projects using several times more had thousands of supporters. Point is, there’s always been a demand for big, beautiful and unfeasible sets. Why not make them playable as well?

Playability clearly wasn’t an afterthought with this project. There’s all kinds of things for minifigures to do here: perhaps finding excuses to ride the cherry picker, or tend to the overgrowth on the roof. Numerous other play features are scattered around the building, and it’s not heavily reliant on a large cast of minifigures.

It might not strictly be a modular building, but it certainly breaks away from the same old rhetoric. It too is doing really well, having 301 supporters.

Those are my picks for the September edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas.

One thing I hadn’t been aware of is an additional rule on LEGO Ideas: that new projects now have 60 days to reach 100 supporters, otherwise they’ll be eliminated. You might remember me making a similar suggestion way back when (except I’d suggested 30 days), and its introduction has made my life a bit easier.

Join me at the end of this month – I hope – where I’ll be helping to promote some more LEGO Ideas projects. As usual, if you like what you see here, be sure to support these projects on LEGO Ideas, help to spread the word, and perhaps leave a comment for the project owners.