The Beatles Yellow Submarine Announced.

Check out the official post over on the LEGO Ideas weblog.

The design of the submarine has been greatly improved from the original, with a very pleasant combination of Yellow, Bright Light Orange and Orange parts. It also looks like it’s going to make use of all printed parts, just like the Caterham 7. Apart from a rear propeller and steering fin, it doesn’t look like it has any play features however.

You’ll also notice a few interesting new parts included in the model, including the odd choice of 1×1 round corner tiles in White, old school tube parts in Orange and Yellow(?), 2×2 round tiles in Orange, and no doubt a few more.

I don’t think people really give a rat’s ABS about the submarine, though: the big selling point is no doubt going to be the fleshies Beatles minifigures. I can see each of them fetching upwards of GBP 30 when people place them on feeBay, and upwards of GBP 50 on Brick Owl and the other site. As for a complete set… better empty those saving accounts and piggy banks, maybe rob a store or two.*

(* does not endorse robbery or any other crime.)

You might also notice the 4×3 minifigure display tiles, which look like they’re Dark Stone Grey this time around. I have a feeling they’re going to be much more commonplace next year, so certainly don’t break your neck trying to get hold of them.

This set is going to sell out almost immediately. Just from having looked at the above render, I’ve gone from not being very excited about this LEGO Ideas set, to being incredibly eager to get hold of a copy. My only concern right now is whether I’ll even be able to buy one, as a horde of scalpers and hoarders will no doubt be in force in the run up to Christmas.

Speaking of hordes: I’ve got absolutely no doubt that you’ll see a whole bunch of photos being taken outside Abbey Road Studios as a result. Will you be one of the culprits? I might be. 🙂

The Beatles Yellow Submarine will retail at GBP 49.99, and will be officially released on November 1st. How long it will stay on the shelves is anyone’s guess, but my money’s on a new record being set.