SilentMode’s Predictions: LEGO Ideas Second 2016 Review

With the surprise announcement of the next LEGO Ideas set last week, it’s time for my predictions on which project in the Second 2016 Review will succeed.

If the last review has taught us anything, it’s that literally anything can happen. I myself have made the mistake of thinking that LEGO would continue the “safe” trend, as I’m sure most people have.

So now we know that almost anything goes, where does that leave us with this review?

I’ll make an educated guess that LEGO won’t immediately follow the Old Fishing Store with another big beautiful building. In terms of the Addams Family Mansion, that would be a huge shame – even with its similarity to LEGO’s own Haunted House, it’s a great idea for a large-scale LEGO Ideas set.
Following this logic, we’d have to exclude Merchant’s HousePlum Creek – The Little House on the Prairie and LEGO Observatory – Mountain View, perhaps even the Modular Construction Site.

I don’t have any real affinity for any of the twelve projects, though I’d be really interested to see what LEGO would do with Voltron – Defender of the Universe and Spaceballs – Eagle 5 if either of them are chosen. I’d rather see a Power Rangers Megazord, but I have some excitement at seeing how they would pull either idea off.

While my immediate thought is that the Women of NASA project is just a cheap replication of the infamous Research Institute, there’s nothing to say it won’t be successful. Interesting to note is that the minifigures are clearly the highlight of the project, which to me says it’s not nearly as much about women being in NASA, as it is about another woman-only minifigure set. If I’m wrong, though, I’ll take it.

This review is really tough to call. If I really had to put money on it, I’d go for Spaceballs – Eagle 5 – although I’m also keen on the Addams Family Mansion.
Both The Large Hadron Collider and Women of NASA are projects I’d be far less keen on buying, but are my predictions for projects that will remain in contention.

In any case LEGO says they’re going to reveal their decision early next year – so we will see.