Beyond The Brick’s BRICKLIVE Crowdfunding Campaign

Beyond The Brick is at it again, and this time they’re crowdfunding for coverage of the upcoming BRICKLIVE event in Birmingham. This is going to be their first time covering an event outside of the States on DVD, which makes it something special.

If you’re unfamiliar with BRICKLIVE, it was previously called The LEGO Show and then BRICK, where last year it was held in both Birmingham and London. BRICKLIVE takes place next week, from the 27th to the 30th October, and hopefully it’s not too late to get tickets if you want them.


Back to the matter at hand. Usually Beyond The Brick would have smashed their crowdfunding target by now, but they’re still some USD 800 short of their goal. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t at least give them a helping hand?
For anyone who wants more of an incentive to back this particular crowdfunding campaign, there are a number of LEGO-related rewards, including the coveted Beyond The Brick printed brick.

I had the opportunity to meet Joshua, one of the guys behind Beyond The Brick, when I was over in Portugal for the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend. More important and relevant than name dropping is that this is their third event coverage DVD (that I know of). In both cases, there’s no reason whatsoever to doubt their credibility.

For various reasons I won’t be at BRICKLIVE in any form this time, so DVD coverage of the event is going to be a small consolation – as well as for anyone else who can’t make it.