UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: December 2016

It’s the December 2016 episode of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas. Once again it’s your host SilentMode, hopefully aiding some more LEGO Ideas projects in their quest for 10,000 supporters.
Once again I’ve missed the deadline for this edition, but I hope you’re having a Happy New Year so far.


Here in the UK, allegedly as a result of Brexit, LEGO have increased their prices on just about everything (which they were going to do anyway). This will no doubt have an effect on which Ideas projects are voted on in the future, just because we’ll now be thinking [more] in terms of overall cost.

One thing I want to touch on is a problem I’ve seen and faced in the last couple of years: misattributions. People co-opting others’ ideas, but more importantly the online LEGO community’s seeming willingness to credit the wrong people for them.

In terms of LEGO Ideas, we’ve seen this happen with the Ghostbusters HQ, a handful of Architecture style projects, and more recently the Avengers Blockheads project (LEGO BrickHeadz). Had it not been for a small number of people who noticed and pointed it out, most of us would have assumed that LEGO themselves came up with these great ideas.

I predict this will become an even bigger problem in 2017 and beyond, particularly as the journey to 10,000 supporters is paved with more obstacles than ever. I’m predicting we won’t just see the usual wave of copycat projects, but people literally stealing others’ concepts – and being credited for them. It’s going to be a case of “we like this person more, so we’re going to assume it’s their creation”.

I’m hoping I’m completely wrong, but you’ve seen this prediction here first.

UCS Christmas Sleigh and 2 Reindeers by eugenetan34

At the time of writing this project has 446 supporters, which should come as no surprise given the time of year it was launched. It will be interesting to see if it retains its appeal throughout the year. I remember featuring another project, a Sleepy Santa, that also started off well but slowed to a crawl after the festive period.

This project gets my vote because it’s a welcome departure from the usual Christmas sets we’ve come to expect. Many of you know that I’ve become unimpressed with the Winter Village sets after the Post Office, including this year’s train offering. The concept of having a very detailed and lifelike model for the season is a welcome change, and it’s something that a family can be involved in and bond over.

If nothing else, it features a bunch of very useful parts!

Baby Husky by Supercustoms3466

I remember seeing a project like this a while ago, and it was also featured on these hallowed pages. This project focuses on just one of these cute dog models, and I think it’s a great candidate for a smaller LEGO Ideas set than what we’ve been introduced to. After the second stealth price increases by LEGO that I’ve experienced, a smaller set would be very welcome.

As you might have noticed, this model has several points of articulation – so it’s not just a pretty structure. The use of exposed studs, instead of tiling everything, would also give it a pet-like texture.

At the moment it has just 151 supporters at the time of writing.

Dakar Rally Concept by A.Graham LEGO Design

I’m not sure what the likelihood of choosing another vehicle – in the wake of the Caterham Super Seven – is going to be. With the slew of realistic car models that have been officially released, it might make a welcome change to introduce a concept car for a change.

It would be better if you took a look at the dedicated page on the project owner’s website, for more information about the car, which is part of a Master’s degree project.

It could use the push to the next stage, as it has 74 supporters currently.

Escape Room Puzzle by Conduktor

One of the latest crazes is the “escape room”. Participants are locked in a room, and given a set amount of time to escape by finding clues and solving puzzles. As was briefly shown in an episode of [modern] MacGyver, some people take it very seriously.

I’ve not done one of these myself, and I’m not sure about the longevity of this project because it’s based on a current fad. However, I can see this being an interesting set for people who haven’t taken part (and maybe encourage them to try it themselves!), and a keepsake for people who have. It might particularly appeal to non-FOLs, who won’t be familiar with building techniques and functionality.

It just requires that one final push to get to the next level, with 86 supporters behind it right now.

That’s it for December’s issue of UNDERATED. Let’s see how things pan out now that it’s a New Year!