SilentMode’s Predictions: Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review

Here’s me thinking that the Second 2016 Review would be the last for 2016. Just last night I caught wind of a new weblog post on LEGO Ideas, stating that another 12 projects were in contention for their Third 2016 Review.

It’s time once again for me to give my predictions, so here they are.

Potential “doubles”

RobenAnne, who was successful with their Old Fishing Store project, is potentially up for a double with their Boat Repair Shop. We can’t rule anything out, as we’ve seen from previous reviews, and one thing that help this project’s case is being smaller than – but just as elegant as – the Old Fishing Store.


There’s another candidate for the double: Kevin Szeto, who did the Yellow Submarine project that came out near Christmas, with their Vintage Tram project. This could be the first LEGO Ideas train-based project, although I’m not sure LEGO could bring themselves to package straight tracks in a set…

Honourable mentions…

We have two UCS candidates in the form of Rey’s Speeder by Robert Lundmark and Raychow’s Hulkbuster. Perhaps it’s time for a LEGO Ideas inspired UCS set this time? In both cases, we can expect to see probably the first GBP 100+ Ideas set.


In a similar fashion we also have The Iron Giant by BrettCuv, which could also work as a UCS-style set. One thing that helps this project over the other UCS candidates is deviating from the usual Disney/Marvel/Star Wars licences – it’s about time we had something different.


We’ve got the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Bus”project by Savath_Bunny, looking to capitalise on Disney’s acquisition the popularity of the TV series, which I’ve never watched. It’s reminiscent of the Avengers helicarrier, except with actual minifigures instead of trophy figures.


Kashaka’s take on the LEGO Store model (usually a Grand Opening giveaway) is an interesting choice. I like the look of this one much more than either of the official sets, not least because of the level of detail that went into it, and how elegant it looks. This isn’t the first store model that has gotten 10,000 supporters, but will it be the first to pass the review?

My prediction

Along with the fairly recent series, and the precedent set by Doctor Who and The Big Bang TheoryRed Dwarf by Legobob32 is almost a shoe-in. It’s another license, another TV show, another space theme.
Don’t be surprised if we find various characters from Red Dwarf appearing in a future wave of LEGO Dimensions, at least as a result of this project getting to the review stage.


Though I’m not as convinced as with Red Dwarf, something in me also suggests that this Ship in a Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan project by JakeSadovich77 would be picked. I guess it’s out of curiosity as to how LEGO would go about replicating this model, but I’d like to see it done.
My hesitation comes from the presence of so many transparent panels, as well as the part count. The model would most likely be scaled down to keep it affordable and manageable.

Let me know what you think. Am I on point? Have I gone stark raving mad? Whichever it is, I guess we’ll eventually find out.