UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: February 2017

I’m back, I’m on time (for once), and I’m here to introduce the February 2017 edition of UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas. It might not be the first column on the web to help promote LEGO Ideas projects, but it’s one of the more consistent.

If you’re unfamiliar with UNDERATED: I feature a selection of LEGO Ideas projects from the previous month, that I think deserve your support. Each project has 500 supporters or less at the time of writing, and you’ll also notice that I support them as well. Projects based on third-party IPs are welcome, but my focus is on original concepts.


The unofficial theme for this year on UNDERATED is misattribution: deliberately giving the wrong people credit for an idea or concept. Though some have been lucky to have others recognise the theft of their creations, the bad news is that the majority of LEGO fans prefer to be part of the problem.

So what can you do if it’s happened to you?

While most people would prefer you to shut up and take the loss, I’m going to suggest taking ownership of your concept. The easiest way is by putting a new spin on the idea: perhaps with using certain building techniques, a different artistic direction or even introducing a [new] back story. If all else fails, reinvent the idea and create something new.

Even if the culprit has a red four-sided logo to their name, there’s something you can bring to the idea that no-one else would think of. In addition, the difference makes all the difference when deciding whose version of the idea you’re going to support.

In any case, let’s introduce this month’s selection!

Wacky Races – The Mean Machine by redfern1950s_5323

The launch of LEGO’s BrickHeadz range (inspired by my own Mascoteers and others) has sent the world of LEGO Ideas into a brick-built figure craze. One of the more original renditions is this version of Dick Dastardly and Mutley, accompanied by their trademark Wacky Races vehicle.

What I like about these figures is that they didn’t just copy the BrickHeadz standard, and they actually look like their cel-drawn counterparts. No expense has been spared on the vehicle, either: the figures can fit right inside, so they’re not just standing around.

At present this project has a whopping 410 supporters rolling with it, so what are you waiting for? Vote this project now!

Sonic the Hedgehog by Sonicfan2832

This is one of the more ambitious LEGO Ideas projects featured in UNDERATED, but I think this one has legs (no pun intended). There was a posable Sonic a while ago, designed using Technic and Hero Factory parts – but now it’s time for a System version.

What really sells this project is having Sonic shown in his numerous poses, which I’m assuming are all possible with this model. The challenge would be in how to accomplish these poses without Sonic falling apart. I’m also sold on the numerous levels of articulation, particularly with the hands.

In any case, I wouldn’t mind seeing this on the shelves, and it would be fun to own one. This project has 122 supporters at the moment.

Hong Kong Street Food by smartoneso

This project serves as an introduction to the culture of street food in Hong Kong, and there’s a compelling description as part of the project.

The main photograph of the proposed set really sells it, particularly with the dark background. More importantly, this scene oozes character: from the wooden cart designs to the shop front adorned with bills.

There’s not much more to say about this one, except it currently has 178 supporters.

A15 The Architect Office by anthoatana

Moving away from the usual scale of building, here we have a stylish, larger scale collection of architecture furniture. Everything here is what you’d expect to find in a designer’s office, centred around the elegant drawing board. (You have seen one of these before, right?)

For me, the most appealing thing about this project is that it’s clearly not for everybody: it’s for those who appreciate elegant design. I’d really enjoy building something like this, and having it on display just like that.

If you’ve found the usual minifigure scale offerings lacklustre, or you’re crying out for something different in a LEGO Ideas set, I think something like this would be a great candidate. 146 supporters at the moment would agree.

Inside Out by markgoti

This project borrows from the BrickHeadz formula, using the style to recreate these characters from the Disney movie. I have no interest in Disney and haven’t seen the movie, however these are great representations. You could easily mistake them for an official future wave.

Whether you like the movie, the concept or the potential parts pack, you’ve got the opportunity to join 231 supporters in getting in touch with their emotions.

That’s all for this month, so come back next time where we’ll do this all again. Remember to show your favourite LEGO Ideas projects your support!