Women Of NASA: The Next LEGO Ideas Set.

The LEGO Ideas world was rocked once again, as the results of the Second 2016 Review were finally revealed on Tuesday. I’d actually completely missed the announcement, and had to be alerted over social media.

It turns out that the Women Of NASA project by @20tauri is going to be the next LEGO Ideas set, having taken out ten of the remaining eleven projects in the review. Voltron – Defender of the Universe is still in contention.

My thoughts…

First off, any hostility toward @20tauri is unfounded. Say what you want about the project or LEGO’s decision, but it couldn’t have been chosen without getting the 10,000 supporters.

So who were those 10,000 supporters?

My suspicion, which you saw in my Second 2016 Review prediction, was that the project was a thinly disguised female-only minifigure pack. It could be a celebration of women’s involvement in STEM, just as the Research Institute was about encouraging young girls to enter… the… sciences…

The comments on the blog post give you an idea of the kinds of people who supported this project. The mention of “male tears” and textbook shaming tactics tells me all I need to know.

In contrast, the first half of this comment was right on the money:

In any case…

I want to say congratulations to @20tauri for her success. She’s the second (as far as I remember) successful female, and this will be the second feminist female-only set through LEGO Ideas.

The honourable thing to do is wait for official pictures, before dismissing it as a minifigure pack. I think LEGO could really do this project justice by expanding on the vignettes, perhaps including more female minifigures.

Finally, to those who’ve voiced their disappointment with LEGO’s decision: the one thing Women Of NASA shouldn’t do is sell out as soon as it’s released. More to the point, Women Of NASA shouldn’t end up in your collection. It’s time most of you protested with your wallets instead of words.

That’s all I’ve got to say!