SilentMode’s Predictions: First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review

Thanks to @LegoCreativity over on Twitter, I’ve been informed that the candidates for the First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review have been announced. You can find out which projects had made the cut by checking out the official blog post.

My preferred choices…

huge shout out to SpaceySmoke, whose Sega Classic Arcade Machines project finally reached 10,000 supporters, after what seemed like an eternity.

I’d tried to give it a push some time ago, and I’m glad that it’s managed to get to the review stage. As a lifelong Sega fan (an actual Sega fan, thank you), I’m hoping to goodness that this project passes the review stage. SpacySmoke is particularly deserving of the win, IMO.

I’m also rooting for The Blues Mobile by Eini (Kai Einfeldt), which would be the next IP-based vehicle in line for realisation. I’ve seen various incarnations of The Blues Mobile over the years, and while the original movie might not be family friendly, it sure is iconic.

You’ll remember I got behind a Power Rangers Megazord project a while ago, so it should come as no surprise that bruceywan’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers project is one I’d like to see as well. This one places much more emphasis on the minifigures, which might pose a challenge.

Someone pointed out in the project’s comments that non-LEGO parts were used. However – once again proving my point – this didn’t stop 10,000 people from backing the project. Besides, it’s at LEGO’s discretion as to how they would handle their “no new moulds” policy… if there still is one.

My prediction…

As enthusiastic as I am about my preferred choices, my prediction for this review is the Tron Legacy Light Cycle by BrickBros UK. There have been several Tron-related projects on LEGO Ideas, most of which have focused on either the light cycles or the distinctive costumes. As this specific project reached 10,000 supporters, I think it’s finally going to have its time. Above all else, it’s Disney.

Although Tron: Legacy was clearly more stylish, I greatly prefer the original movie (which was far more about the plot than fashion). While I’d be more excited to have a set based on the original movie, I wouldn’t hate on this version once (or if) it gets chosen.

I’m not convinced the other projects have a real shot, although past reviews have shown we can’t count anything out. It could very well be that a project from the Third 2016 Review gets carried over to join this one. However, if Voltron (which is still in contention from the Second 2016 Review) somehow passes the next review, I’m guessing it’s lights out for Power Rangers.

What do you reckon?

Which of the projects do you think will pass the First 2017 Review? Perhaps there will be more than one chosen this time? Let me know by leaving a comment.