UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: May-July 2017

Welcome to a later than scheduled edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv. As the title of this post suggests, this edition is three months later than intended.
The truth behind the hiatus is simple. As well as working on Swapfig and a few other projects, I’ve been incredibly tired – and unmotivated – since returning from the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend in Portugal. There’s no definite reason why it’s been so.

To make up for the delay, I’m relaxing the rules for this edition only. The 500 supporters or less restriction will not apply this time, in order to showcase more kick-ass LEGO Ideas projects. There also won’t be my usual preamble.

Let’s get straight into it, with my selection of projects from May all the way through to the present day.

LEGO Insects Project by Legomichiiiiii

If you liked the LEGO Birds Project, this project might be a worthy successor – especially when you examine the finer details and usage of unusual parts.
What’s even more unusual than the parts selection is the mix of harmless and harmful insects in this project, as pointed out in the description. It might not be an issue for you however, given the arachnid-heavy turn taken with the City theme this year (for whatever strange reason). Parts wise, there’s sure to be something for everybody – even if you don’t like bugs.

This project has been up since July 11, and currently has 1093 supporters behind it.

Vincent van Gogh by Melniemuki

Funnily enough there’s a Vincent van Gogh BrickHeadz project up, along with a bunch of other BrickHeadz projects representing famous historical figures. Give me minifigures any day of the week however, and this highly detailed vignette fits the bill.
I’m not sure why van Gogh has become so popular recently, but the vignette looks so appealing – even if it’s a render – that it almost doesn’t matter whom the artist is. There are numerous colour changes looming however, so it would be interesting to see how the finished set would turn out.

At the moment we have 815 supporters lending their ears (ahem) support.

Greek Tavern “Anatoli” Santorini by Delusion Keeper

While we get ever closer to the first ever Ideas modular building, I wanted to showcase this project for being at least a little different. Instead of the Victorian and Edwardian architecture we’re used to, this pays homage to the Mediterranean (specifically Greece) with its vibrant colours.
There’s certainly a lot going on with this picture, and I admit I’m swayed by the premise of a Yellow scooter. However, I think this project would introduce some much-needed variety to the Ideas lineup, and especially the not-so-impressive roster of sets this year.

This project would normally qualify for UNDERATED, as it only has 158 supporters at present.

Wipeout 3: Goteki 45 vs. Team Feisar by TheZaps

Maybe not so much now, but I was a fan of WipeOut (the PlayStation game) since its debut on the original PlayStation. Things have obviously changed since then, and there’s probably all kinds of subplot and drama behind it.
Even if you’re not familiar with the series, you’ll probably like these models of the racing craft – and even better that they come with minifigure pilots. The designs of the vehicles take advantage of the newer parts, such as the 2×2 wedge plate and the 2×3 tile. It’s a little worrying that the estimated price was stated as USD $100-120, but when has that ever stopped anybody?

Surprisingly this project only has 139 supporters, but there’s plenty of time to improve on that figure.

Lancia Delta S4 WRC Speed Champions by AbFab1974

What landed this project in this edition of UNDERATED was the fact it’s a dynamic scene. However, the project owner was a bit cheeky by using rendering (instead of building techniques) to suspend the car in mid-air.
I like the idea of having a swooshable rally car, as well as a vignette to place it on to create a dynamic scene. This would be particularly appealing for fans of rally racing, or perhaps even racing in general.

Clearly this project has taken off (groan), as it has 2267 supporters.

Columbo by ThomasW

Columbo is my favourite detective of all time, and just a few months ago I had completed my second episode marathon. As much as Peter Falk has become irreplaceable as the titular character, I actually think that – with the right lead, production value and writing crew – a spinoff or even a relaunch would be great. But in any case, someone else liked Columbo enough to launch a LEGO Ideas project. Criminally it only has 209 supporters at the moment.

Some might argue that a homicide detective wouldn’t be a feasible theme for LEGO, but it’s funny how subjectivity kicks in when it’s convenient…

Thunderbirds Are Go by AndrewClark2

Everybody knows that Thunderbird 2 is the best craft in the fleet – forget the others. I’ve always wanted a Thunderbird 2, as far back as high school, but for some reason was never able to obtain one.
It’s also not the easiest vehicle to replicate in LEGO, particularly if you want the loading and unloading action. But someone has stepped up to the challenge, and the execution – right down to the choice of microfigs, or trophy figures – is superb. On everything that’s holy, I’d buy at least two of these for building.

This project has 1173 supporters at present. If it doesn’t get to 10,000 within the next year and a half, I don’t want to hear anything from anyone about a Thunderbirds theme.

Castle Rock by Ymarilego

Not all LEGO Ideas projects have to be big. I’d actually like to see smaller scale Ideas projects, for people with a lower general budget, or just prefer smaller models.
This model of a castle is based on an existing German castle, but appears to have been designed as a tabletop ornament. As with most microscale designs, the most appealing thing about this model is the amount of detail provided by the parts. It reminds me a lot of that microscale crowdfunding project a while ago.

We have 199 supporters who’d like to see this project become reality, and SilentMode.tv will probably be number 200.

Old Farmhouse by Astronaut Avila

Going back to the plethora of building projects in the wake of the Old Fishing Store, here’s a more original concept: the traditional farmhouse of old. Look at that old school windmill, the country porch, and that disturbingly shiny roof.
This farmhouse could very well be a candidate for the first Ideas modular building, because it’s designed to have a highly detailed ground floor and top floor. The project is simply kitted out with two minifigures, two horses and three chickens (which was a good move), but there’s plenty of room to add as much as you want. Perhaps lots of kids running around, the nubile neighbour’s daughter… or a tornado.

Whatever your plans for a farmhouse, even if it’s just for parts, why not join 748 supporters who want to make it happen.

Surf Game by AWI12345

Who else is tired of seeing those same old, “look mum, I’ve figured out how to make curved walls using 1×2 plates and round bricks” surfing vignettes? It was interesting the first time, but got old long before iteration #93383334.
You’d be forgiven for thinking this was yet another one from the photo. What sets it apart and therefore cemented its place in this edition, was the clever mechanism with which to move the “waves”. This essentially turns this from a vignette into a game, although there’s nothing preventing it from just being a vignette. There’s a video on the project’s page demonstrating what I mean.

It might not be the most exciting or groundbreaking feature, but I think it’s an interesting enough concept. It could use some help however, as it only has 27 supporters.

And that is it for this extra-long, long overdue edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas. Please show your support for the above LEGO Ideas projects, as well as any others you come across.