Voltron and Ship In A Bottle: the next LEGO Ideas Sets

Are you as surprised as I am? Did you see this coming?

You could be forgiven for completely missing it, as I did, but the results of the Third 2016 Review for LEGO Ideas were announced sometime yesterday. The Ship in a Bottle, The Flagship Leviathan project by JakeSadovich77 is to become the next LEGO Ideas project…

…along with Voltron – Defender of the Universe by len_d69! You might remember it surviving the previous review, and now it’s one of a tiny handful of projects with the honour of a “second wind”.

My response…

I remember saying that my money was on the Red Dwarf project, and it’s a shame it didn’t get chosen. Personally I think Red Dwarf was more deserving of being realised in LEGO than Doctor Who.

This is one of those reviews where I wasn’t really fussed about any of the projects, as I’d be very unlikely to buy any of them if they were chosen. However, I’m particularly interested to see how LEGO tackles both chosen projects – especially the Ship in a Bottle. How many transparent panels will be used?

There was a little arguing in one of the forums about the popularity of Voltron, and why it in particular was chosen. I like 80s cartoons, but I’ve never seen an episode of Voltron, so I have no idea what the fuss is about. My guess is that Voltron was chosen to appease the American demographic, as I’ve only ever heard Americans talk about it.

The presence of the latter project may mean that a Power Rangers Megazord – which I’d be far more interested in – would be ruled out. However, I still have my fingers crossed for the next review, where a Power Rangers based project is in contention.

In any case, congratulations are due to both project owners for the win. For me, it’s all about the next review. (Sega for life!)