SilentMode’s Store Crawl: Dates Confirmed.

Store Crawl promotion.

As you can see from the promotional image above, I’ve figured out the route I’m going to take for my Store Crawl next month. It was a lot easier than it sounded!

The journey…

There are several ways to determine how to tackle all the stores. Probably the biggest factor is the mode of transport, which in this case is good old public transport.

This route is intended to complete the journey in as short a time as possible, while giving me enough time to visit each city. Some places, such as Cardiff, Newcastle and Sheffield, are completely new territory, so I didn’t want to do them injustice.

Not mentioned in the image is a bonus visit to Nottingham, right before going to Manchester. There’s a specific reason I want to pay a very brief┬ávisit there, but it’s not got anything to do with LEGO. Why not take the opportunity while in that neck of the woods, I say.

By far the toughest part of the journey will be visiting the Cardiff store. It was very tricky to include it in the route without starting from scratch, as its nearest counterpart (Liverpool) is a three-hour train journey away. Similarly, it’s at least a four-hour journey from Cardiff to either of the next nearest stores (Brighton or Milton Keynes).

There’s still time to support the cause.

Even after announcing the Store Crawl some time ago, the word hasn’t spread at all… which doesnt’ come as a surprise. You, on the other hand, still have time to show support.

The primary way of doing so is to make a purchase in either my Brick Owl store or my store on the other site, both called Most Plated. As well as there being some great items available, there’s currently a 25% sale on everything. All the proceeds from the sale will go toward the overall cost of the Store Crawl.

If you’re going to be in any of the cities during the Store Crawl, you’re welcome to come and say hello if you see me. It should make visiting the different towns – especially those I haven’t been to before – that little bit better.

Finally, please check out this very brief promo video I’d made over the weekend. It took me the best part of a week to produce, and I think it turned out okay. It could certainly use a lot more YouTube videos, although it isn’t monetised.