SilentMode’s Predictions: Second 2017 LEGO Ideas Review

Store Crawl, Store Crawl, Store Crawl.

Just before I head off on the start of my Store Crawl, I wanted to chime in on the Second 2017 LEGO Ideas Review. Six projects have made the cut.

There’s been quite a bit of chatter, as there usually is, over on Brickset. The consensus is the same: this is a very weak line-up of projects, with half being space (and more specifically, NASA) related.

It’s not hard to see how none of these projects would be chosen, which would be the second time. Besides the First 2017 Lego Ideas Review, I haven’t been excited at all about anything Lego this year.

My preferred choice…

Echoing my comment on the Brickset post: the strongest of the bunch is I Am Your Father by szabomate90. It’s an iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been turned into a Lego set. One reason could be the imposed scarcity of a Darth Vader minifigure.

Unfortunately, because of Lego’s revised rules over existing IPs, this project is unlikely to be chosen. It’s a shame, because it’s the only one of the six I’d consider buying.

My prediction…

Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner by Rainer Zufall is my prediction.

Like Voltron, Gilmore Girls has a primarily American appeal. With the currencies acting as they are now, Lego might want to focus its attention on American AFOLs. However, even for anyone completely unfamiliar with the series, this is another BBM. It would go right along with Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory.

But wait, there’s more…

Let’s not forget: we don’t have the outcome of the First 2017 Review yet.

It could very well be that a project that survives the first review will be chosen over all the offerings here. My prediction was based on Lego having to choose one of the six projects in this review, but I think a “hold-over” strategy is going to be the most likely outcome.

With that in play, which of the First 2017 Review projects would make the cut?

really want to see Mighty Morphin’ Power RangersSega Classic Arcade Machines and even The Blues Mobile go through, whether as a first or second pick. However, I’m still convinced that the Tron Legacy Light Cycle will be chosen either way. (Or at least, it will appear as a Lego Dimensions pack.)

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.