UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: August 2017

Welcome to the August 2017 edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv.

Although this edition is late by almost a week, I have done my due diligence and selected four LEGO Ideas projects to feature. They’ve been posted between the 1st and 31st August 2017, and each has 500 supporters or less.


As you’d expect, LEGO Ideas has been flooded with copycat projects, following the success of the Old Fishing Store and the NASA Apollo Saturn V. When will these people learn?

The editorial staff at LEGO Ideas does a fairly good job of highlighting underrated projects, through social media posts. However, you might have also noticed they’ve begun specifically showcasing projects with 100 supporters or less, if you follow their weekly digest newsletter.

Whether they were inspired by my efforts or not, it is encouraging to see what kinds of projects they showcase. To me, it’s an indication of projects they’re looking for in terms of creativity.

Even so, being highlighted by LEGO Ideas doesn’t necessarily mean getting an influx of supporters. They were kind enough to promote my Graduates and Gorillas: the game project, way back when it was LEGO CUUSOO, but it made very little difference.

Take into consideration the six projects that made it to the Second 2017 Review. Most people concur that the line-up isn’t the greatest. However, those projects have 10,000 supporters each – so somebody voted for them.

As I’ve suggested several times, there’s a huge disparity between the kinds of sets LEGO wants to produce, and what hordes of supporters will vote for. The only way to avoid these “weak” line-ups in the future is to support the projects you actually want to see made into official sets.

Enough of that though; let’s get to this month’s selection.

Elegant Dance Platform by AgentZYC

As LEGO Ideas sets are getting larger and more expensive, there’s a definite trend toward BBMs. Sometimes, if we’re going to be spending that kind of money, we want more than to just build something and stare at it.

As well as the kinetic aspect, one thing I like about this project is that it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Again, the fact that it’s actually been built – and you also get to see it in action – is a huge bonus. Imagine if it was somehow paired with a music box?

I think this would make a good addition to the series, to go with the LEGO Maze. Right now it has 170 supporters.

Modern Home by TheZaps

Yes, another home project! I’m fairly certain I’ve seen this one before… Even if I have, it [still] looks good.

While similar to the Creator houses, it’s an opportunity to get much further into detail, as has been done with the Old Fishing Store. The interior of the house is incredibly compact, but the level of intricacy involves qualifies it as a BBM. I could see this taking a couple of hours to build, but the result would be worth it.

Whether or not it’s your cup of tea, there are 93 supporters who want to make this happen.

Artist’s Mannequin by Posh_hammer

A mannequin?!

One of the criteria for featuring a project on UNDERATED is that I’d actually purchase it if it passes the review stage. Would I buy one of these? Yes I would.

While you could spend money on a wooden mannequin – I bought a large and small version when I was younger – you’ll find they’re not very poseable. Not only would a LEGO version with the Mixels joints alleviate that problem, but the mannequin itself would be customisable. Perhaps you’d want one with eight arms and legs, or one with wing attachments?

In any case, there are 192 supporters behind this one. I’m actually surprised there are so many potential artists.

Neuschwanstein Castle by rangerrascal

Last and by no means least. This project was promoted by LEGO Ideas through social media, although I was going to feature it anyway.

Although this project veers toward being an Architecture-style set (which I generally avoid), it’s colourful enough to stand on its own. The use of grille tiles for windows is particularly clever, and best of all it’s a small potential set. I would still like to see another small (under GBP 30) LEGO Ideas project hit the shelves.

In any case, we have 197 supporters for this castle. Why not help it achieve a fairytale ending?

That’s it for this month. Thank you for lending me your ears, and be sure to check out next month’s edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas. If you have any suggestions for projects to feature (that have 500 supporters or less), please let me know.