SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Newcastle

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 reaches its second day, as I made the next bold step into Newcastle. Like Glasgow, I had never visited Newcastle before now.

Unfortunately I’d made a rather expensive mistake today. I ended up having to buy two (non-refundable) Advance train tickets, because I was confused about which train to catch. The confusion came from the ticket itself, which showed details of a journey from Edinburgh to get to Newcastle.

Though the mistake was costly, both tickets combined were still less expensive than buying an Off-Peak ticket, which I would have done if I had used a machine at the station.

Interesting things about the city.

Although not as new as the city suggests, one thing you’ll near instantly see as you come out of Newcastle Central are remnants of castle. You’ll notice a blend of history and modern architecture in the city centre, while venturing further out will reveal Newcastle’s industrial past.

The Newcastle LEGO store.

Store Crawl 2017: Newcastle exterior.

Fun fact: little did I realise that my hotel was quite some distance from Newcastle’s Metrocentre. I made the journey on foot, over the River Tyne, which took just over an hour. This is turning out to be a Store Walk at this rate.

In any case, the Lego store is in the Red Zone of the Metrocentre. Finding it was a bit of a mission, but luckily there are interactive (if slow) maps available to help.

Newcastle’s showcase.

Store Crawl 2017: Newcastle showcase.

Currently in the showcase window is this desert island MOC by Richard Carter (@TheBricksMcGee) of Brick Alley LUG. Those boxes of Lego are elements that come from actual sets. I don’t have any of them.

The Pick A Brick (PAB) wall.

There’s another dedicated Flickr album for anyone who doesn’t like watching videos. There are two versions: the fancy one above and a frill-less version.

Thoughts about the store.

As mentioned yesterday, Newcastle was out of the loop about the Store Crawl. I didn’t recall this at the time, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. However, the reception I did get was… lukewarm. I didn’t get much more than a hello from any of the staff.

I did make sure to get my passport stamped before I left. It turns out that, as well as store-specific stamps, there are stamps for completing various activities. (I’ll have to investigate those.)

My objectives were completed in less than ten minutes, and there wasn’t any incentive to hang around. It could have just been an off day.

What’s next?

Things get more challenging tomorrow, as I’ll be visiting both Leeds and Sheffield. Timing is going to be crucial from here on in.