SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Liverpool

SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017 continues with probably the most stressful leg today, as it’s time to visit the Liverpool store.

What made this a particular challenge was the Liverpool visit falling on a Sunday. Not only are all the UK stores open from 11am to 5pm, but the trains are in extra lazy mode. As it takes four hours to travel to Cardiff from Liverpool, it’s incredibly difficult (but not impossible) to visit both stores on a Sunday.

Interesting things about the city.

On the way to Liverpool One from Liverpool Lime Street station, you’ll come across at least two other shopping centres. Liverpool is by far the biggest city turned shopping centre I’ve ever seen.

Immediately visible in the skyline is the Radio City Tower, which is actually used to broadcast radio, as well as provide a view of the city to paying customers.

Liverpool is also credited for “producing” the most successful music acts of any city in the world, and Matthew Street (beyond Liverpool One) pays homage to them. The busker performing outside the Cavern Club is a stark reminder that not everybody makes it. (As I can attest: hard work doesn’t guarantee success, and success doesn’t always involve hard work.)

If you’re planning on visiting the Liverpool Ziferblat, bear in mind that it’s not open on weekends.

The Liverpool LEGO store.

Store Crawl 2017: Liverpool exterior.

Liverpool One is an outdoor shopping centre, and you’ll find the Lego store on the ground floor. When I was at its grand opening event a couple of years ago, I’m fairly certain it was on the first floor. (I remember because some woman almost knocked my camera out of my hand.)

Liverpool’s showcase.

Store Crawl 2017: Liverpool showcase.

Robert Clarkson of Northern Brickworks has a Creator-style vignette of a scene from The Lion King in the showcase.

Now I was told that custom backdrops weren’t allowed in the showcase. Can someone explain how this happened, please?

The Pick A Brick (PAB) wall.

Check out the dedicated Flickr album for al the hi-res photos featured in this video, as well as this post. I’d almost caved in and picked up a tub of Yellow double-cheese slopes.

Thoughts about the store.

So I’ve been talking about how none of the stores seemed to have any knowledge of my Store Crawl, despite emailing them prior to the journey. I’ve also mentioned that my promotional shirt has had virtually no effect.

Well, there just happened to be someone at the Liverpool store who was expecting me.

Store Crawl 2017: Liverpool

This was also the first time I bought anything Lego: a single S17 Collectible Minifigure.

Business as usual.

What’s next?

Because of my miscalculation, I’m in Cardiff now but will be visiting the store tomorrow morning. I’ve got a few choice words to say about the journey from Liverpool to Cardiff…

But once that’s done, I’ll be heading over to Milton Keynes and Watford to complete the “triple”. We’re now past the halfway point of the Store Crawl, but it’s going to get more intense.