SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017: Brighton

It’s the penultimate day of SilentMode’s Store Crawl 2017, and my final overnight stay, as I pay a visit to the Brighton LEGO store.

Interesting things about the city.

Brighton is famous for its beaches and the pier, and is a magnet for the LGBT community. Most people visiting would probably not venture far from the main road, leading directly from the train station to the coast. It’s definitely worth exploring further, however, as there’s plenty more to see than chain stores and stony shores. Did you know Brighton has its own Oxford Street and Baker Street?

The guest house I’d stayed at had the unfortunate problem of not having any Internet. Had there been any, I probably wouldn’t have explored the city at all. This, despite the weather being very unfriendly as it got dark. There were plenty of photo opportunities to be had along the way.

The Brighton LEGO store.

Store Crawl 2017: Brighton exterior.

Once upon a time, the Brighton LEGO store was on the outside strip of the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. That was many years ago, and now it’s been relocated inside the shopping centre on the ground floor. Nobody had ever mentioned this, so the first time I noticed this change I’d thought the store had closed down.

The exterior blends both the older “grey” style and the more contemporary yellow and glass. The store itself appears to be bigger than any of the other stores I’ve visited so far.

Brighton’s showcase.

Store Crawl 2017: Brighton

Once again led by the Brickish Association cartel, the Brighton showcase currently houses a model of a toy shop. Interestingly enough, you look through the showcase’s glass to look through the toy shop’s glass to see the interior. Again the model is uncredited, but I’m sure someone will mention who it belongs to.

Store Crawl 2017: Brighton

Brighton also has this very cool display of a LEGO store, along with various representations of staff members.

The Pick A Brick (PAB) wall.

As usual, photos of the PAB wall can be found in theĀ dedicated Flickr album.

Thoughts about the store.

Very much business as usual. Though the staff were far more attentive than in certain other stores, and once asked if I needed any help, I was left to my own devices. Having the larger sized store probably had contributed, as – even with my jacket off – nobody appeared to notice.

It’s great that the Brighton store is so large, but not so great that it’s tucked away compared to its old location. If you’re in the area, I think it’s worth visiting for the model of the LEGO store.

What’s next?

For the final day of the Store Crawl, there’ll be no time at all to spare. First it’s the flagship store at Bluewater, before returning to London to visit all three remaining stores.