UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: September 2017

Welcome to the not-so-late UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas, the September 2017 edition. Once again it’s your host SilentMode, currently posting exclusively on SilentMode.tv.

Let’s not bog ourselves down with a preamble this month. This is going to be a very quick edition, as there were only two projects that caught my interest. Both projects were posted between the 1st and 30th September 2017.

Television Broadcast Camera by Snicklz

How many copycat Ideas projects of TV shows have you seen to date? Everything from old and obscure sitcoms to contemporary US dramas? Gets tiring, doesn’t it?

What I like about this project is that – for me at least – it takes a different approach to nostalgia. I watched a lot of television when I was younger, and remember being fascinated by odd glimpses of studio equipment. Television cameras caught my attention the most, to the point where they were one of my first MOCs as an AFOL.

Just one camera, which appears to be an old school model, is featured in this project. It would be awesome if a whole set of them were put together as a set, a bit like LEGO had done with classic minifigures.

Whatever your thoughts on this clever angle, at the moment there are 38 supporters behind this project.

Santa’s Mech by BrixGoFar

The Exo Suit is only a couple of years old, and we’ve since seen numerous mechs competing to be the next Ideas project. Up to now there have been very few of them, if any, I’ve been particularly passionate about.

Given my disappointment with the Winter Village line, I haven’t been inclined to purchase anything Christmas related in recent years. This Santa Mech would change that; I think it would make a great alternative Christmas model, and something I could actually use. If it doesn’t reach 10,000 supporters, I wouldn’t mind getting hold of instructions.

However, as with a Santa project featured a couple of years ago, its success is greatly dependent on how many people support it during the seasonal months. Interest was high during the run up to Christmas, but it was forgotten about come January.

At the moment this project has 49 supporters, in just under eight days.

This is a painfully short edition, but there literally were just two projects last month that I wanted to support. Hopefully there will be many more projects to talk about at the end of the month.