Vote for SilentMode’s End Of Year Review 2017!

Here’s your chance to vote for my End Of Year Review for 2017! I’m temporarily coming out of reviewing retirement to provide one last feature.

What’s this End Of Year Review thing?

It’s been a very long time since I did my 101st review, and have since retired from reviewing. During that time I’ve come into a few items I wouldn’t mind giving a review for.

Since I’m not in the reviewing game any more, I wanted to establish a new tradition. At the end of each year from now on, I’m going to review just one item from a list. Each of these items is currently in my possession and ready to go.

But which item I will review is entirely up to you.

Voting is open to everybody to choose which item will get reviewed, right here on The item with the most votes will be reviewed in December, and the others will be shelved for good.

Your choices for 2017…

Nimuno Loops by Zuru/Mayka


40256 Create The World by LEGO


Mechabrick: Gangs of Neon City by Megaton Games


21312 Women of NASA by LEGO


Minifigure parts by BrickForge


32×32 Building Baseplates by The Wacky Warehouse

Cast your vote!

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Which set/product should be reviewed for the End Of Year Review 2018?

You have until midnight on the 30th November to cast your vote. Again, only the item with the most votes will be reviewed by yours truly, sometime in December.

In the case of not receiving any votes at all (which is a horrible thought), I won’t review anything.

In the unlikely event of a tie… Well, we won’t have to be concerned about that unless it happens!

Let’s make things interesting!