Tron Legacy Light Cycle: the next LEGO Ideas set.

Called it.

After what seemed like an eternity, the outcome of the First 2017 LEGO Ideas review was announced. I found out about it in a Slack channel just a couple of hours ago.

As you can see, they went for the Tron Legacy Light Cycle – exactly as predicted in my predictions.

Although the Surf Rescue project got an honourable mention (the first I can remember!), it unfortunately means the other projects have been knocked out.

I for one am gutted that the Sega Classic Arcade Machines project didn’t make it. I was rooting for that project since its early stages, and I would have bought several copies. That set in particular would have gotten me excited about LEGO Ideas again.

Also as predicted in my prediction post, Voltron essentially blackballed Power Rangers. At least, that’s the impression I get.

Let’s talk about the Tron Legacy Light Cycle.

I’m in two minds about this choice.

I’m looking forward to seeing the translation of this project into a set. How will it be represented? Will it be a swooshable vehicle, or a display piece? How many printed elements will there be? Will new parts be introduced? I will definitely pick up at least one copy, and see how it compares to my tribute to the iconic vehicle.

I do like that Lego decided to go with a small set this time, although Women of NASA is probably a similar size.

Although the project is specifically for Tron Legacy, I would really like to see some kind of tribute to the original movie. I liked Tron much more than Tron Legacy, mainly because Tron was a better balance of plot and style.

However, I can’t help thinking this was an easy (cop-out) choice. Tron might not be the most popular of Disney’s franchises, but it’s Disney, so it’s going to sell. Fair enough.

I’m not opposed to the project being chosen; I just don’t agree with only picking the Light Cycle. I would rather have seen two, or even three projects from this review make the cut, even if one was held over for the Second 2017 Review. The Blues Mobile would have been my third choice.

I’d also read a comment over on the weblog that the project owners had leaked the announcement ahead of time. I had no prior knowledge of them, but if it’s true, I’ve lost all respect.

My updated thoughts on the next Review.

Now we know there are no hold-overs from the First 2017 Review, my thoughts are as follows:

Either nothing will be selected from the Second 2017 Review, or LEGO Ideas will have to break (rewrite) their own rules.

We saw it with Women of NASA: many commented it was a minifigure battle pack, yet the project made it all the way. A recent update to the guidelines dictated that third-party IPs for successful projects could not be repeated. Going further back, a massive opening had been made for a Doctor Who project.

Months after the Second 2017 Review was announced, I Am Your Father is my top choice. According to the rules it shouldn’t be chosen, as it’s based on Star Wars (an existing third-party IP line).

I think the NF-15B Research Aircraft stands a chance. Not only is it a departure from Space, but there hasn’t yet been an aircraft (if you don’t count space vehicles) as a LEGO Ideas set.

We’ll eventually find out early next year.