UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: November 2017

Welcome to another belated UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: the November 2017 edition. As usual this is brought to you exclusively on SilentMode.tv.

I had wanted to post this on Monday, but things have been rather challenging on my end. Both inside and out of LEGO, there’s lot to do before the year ends.


In case you haven’t heard the news: I’m going to be reviewing Women of NASA in my End Of Year review. The set was chosen out of six candidates, by just seven voters.

It’s also been a while since the outcome of the First 2017 Review. You’ll have heard by now that the Tron Legacy Light Cycle was the only project chosen, with mixed reception. While I’m somewhat excited, I’m also sad for The Bluesmobile and the Sega arcade machines projects.

I can’t wait to see the outcome of the Second 2017 Review, which will prove interesting either way. As always, the weak line-up can only be blamed on those 10,000 supporters of each project. And you for not getting behind and promoting more deserving projects.

As we’re getting ready to end the year, I realise I haven’t made good on my pledge to create another LEGO Ideas project. However, an idea has been marinating in the workshop, and if done the right way I think it could work.

While we’re still deliberating, let’s talk about this month’s choices.

Combined Force by Alexmorsilla_8413

Power Rangers fans (like myself) were left disappointed as Voltron got the green light earlier this year. However, as someone pointed out, it was most likely a licensing issue.

In an effort to keep the hope alive, this totally-not-Power-Rangers-inspired concept was created. As well as highly resembling the very first incarnation we saw over here in the UK, there’s a distinct City System theme.

Though you could argue it’s highly unlikely this would pass the review, this project deserves a mention due to the amount of effort in the presentation. (Once upon a time some liars people online claimed that presentation is key.)

With the number of mech-themed official sets in the last few years, perhaps it’s time we had a non-IP based, City-themed version of the Power Rangers48 supporters so far seem to agree.

Crash Bandicoot by Jarren

Way back before video games became trendy and was rebranded as “gaming”, Sonic the Hedgehog changed everything. Many tried to match its success with their own, very similar animal mascots. Crash Bandicoot was one of the more successful ones.

I don’t have any affinity for the character, but this poseable figure – showcased in actual bricks – is very well done. I think fans of the series would be very pleased if this became an official set.

There’s not much more that can be said other than what’s on the project page. We have a whopping 223 supporters behind this one at present.

Mecha “Gorilla” by Mitsuru Nikaido

Mitsuru Nikaido has a number of mecha-style animal projects on LEGO Ideas, with their most popular one being the “Owl”. The mecha style definitely brings something new, in contrast to the Lego Birds project.

I want to make a case for the Gorilla project, which I would be proud to have in my collection. The Gorilla makes the best use of the mecha style, looking like a seriously robust and majestic creation. It also greatly resembles a miniboss from Strider.

Please do check out the other mecha style animals in the portfolio, but I think this one deserves a lot more supporters. At the moment there are only 156.

Once again that’s all we have for this month. Next month will see the conclusion of this year’s misattribution theme, and I’m hoping to have some more interesting projects to feature.