UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: December 2017

Greetings once again, and welcome to the latest – and what could be the very lastUNDERATED For LEGO Ideas, exclusively on SilentMode.tv. This is the belated December 2017 edition, featuring my choice of projects added to LEGO Ideas between December 1st and December 31st 2017.

I’ve been featuring underrated LEGO Ideas projects for around two years, and have hopefully helped projects gain a few more supporters and notoriety in the process. However, even I’m doubting the effectiveness of these monthly posts. I’ll continue to feature and support projects I think deserve to reach 10,000 supporters, but I don’t know if I’ll invest as much time in doing so.


Again, hopefully everybody has had a great Christmas, and will have a Happy New Year. We’ve already seen radical changes with official Lego sets, and with the upcoming Ship In A Bottle project getting a release, things may be changing for LEGO Ideas too.

Last year’s underlying theme over here was “misattribution”: taking someone’s work and giving the credit and recognition to someone else. Or, more maliciously, pretending that someone didn’t do something.

When it comes to LEGO Ideas, there are numerous ways misattribution takes place. There’s the obvious ones such as copycat projects, and some people’s version of an IP-based project – all things equal – gaining more recognition than others. But how about those times a project was eliminated when LEGO released their own version?

Misattribution is a deliberate act, and it only thrives because people allow it to, by being lazy and going along with it. To make things worse: most people will completely ignore it, make excuses for it, or even justify it if the misattribution is pointed out.

The time has come to finally move on, but my aim was to highlight the fact these things happen. They’re going to continue to happen, because LEGO Ideas is about the popular vote – and any time popularity is involved, there will be politics.


December had very slim pickings, and I’m again wondering how some of these projects got accepted. Amid the chaos there were three projects I’ve selected for featuring.

The Modular Old Garage by italovergnat

A big reason as to why I never got into the official modular building series was the choice of architecture. All I saw when I came on the scene was the same Victorian-style buildings, maybe with a few colours switched around. Thankfully things have started to change with the introduction of the Downtown Diner.

This garage has a similar architecture style, perhaps slightly older, as shown by the windows and the petrol pumps. I think it would make a good companion building to the Downtown Diner, although it has its own car showroom.

What I also like about this modular building is that a lot of space has been dedicated to the ground floor, where the work takes place. Compare this to other modular buildings (including my own!), where rooms and features are crammed so tightly, that even the minifigures have claustrophobia.

The garage could use your support, as it only has 28 supporters at the time of writing.

Palameria: Commuter Station by OrientExpress26

Speaking of architecture, this project introduces a classical European-style train station. At least, that’s what it appears to be. It’s certainly the most elegant train station I’ve seen in a while.

Whether this design is feasible in actual Lego remains to be seen, if for no other reason than those classic cypress trees being used. (I want them to make a reappearance too!) Probably the biggest challenge for builders is incorporating this project into an existing layout, without looking out-of-place. Not such a challenge for those who don’t have an existing town layout!

In any case, whether this is a train station or not, this project is certainly one of the most stylish. At present it has a devout following of just 33 supporters.

Auto Repair Shop by PrimeBlder2319

Perhaps you like your garages detached instead? Here’s a proposal for another modular garage as a standalone building, whether in the middle of town or on the outskirts.

Apart from the building itself, the focus with this project is on the vehicles and their maintenance. I like that utility vehicles have been included as well as the typical cars. As with the previous garage, the building was designed for minifigures to actually work in, with all the furniture, tools and accessories required.

There’s a certain group of people who might take issue with the choice of minifigures, which shows that the garage is family run. I’ll leave it up to you to guess. 😛

The Auto Repair Shop is our most successful nomination this month by far, with 344 supporters behind it.

That’s it for the December edition of UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas. Please show your support for these and other projects you like on LEGO Ideas by actually supporting them. Don’t be one of those [expletive]s who only support just one project out of everything! (Unless there’s only one project out of everything you like.)